Squirrel Control and Removal: Squirrels become a nuisance when they chew through the fascia board or roof of your house and gain access into your soffit and attic. Squirrels are social, you may have more than 4 or 5 making nests.

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Raccoon Control and Removal: Raccoons in your attic can cause extensive property damage and can be a risk to human health and safety. Small pets may be in danger of rabies or distemper.  

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Rat Control and Removal:
Once squirrels, raccoons, or rats enter your home (attic, soffit, wall, crawl space, chimney, yard), animals are hesitant to leave and can cause extensive damage while establishing their new home.

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Apex Wildlife Control, LLC is a full service pest control company.

As a full service wildlife control company Apex Wildlife Control provides animal control and removal services for residential, businesses, and other properties in Memphis, Bartlett, Arlington, Cordova, Collierville, Germantown, Millington, Lakeland, Eads, and Piperton, TN; Southaven, Olive Branch, and Horn Lake, MS; and Marion, AR. We serve North Mississippi, and East Arkansas.

Whether the animal problem stems from noises in the attic, an animal under the house, holes in the lawn, birds in your chimney, or a predator killing livestock. We are your Pest Control Solution. Apex will make an inspection, identify the animal, and then solve your problem.