Best In the Business

Our Wildlife Specialists are simply the best in the Memphis area, and with that comfort comes the knowledge that our animal control services are guaranteed.

A+ Services

We're proud of our service record, listed with A+ service ratings on the Better Business Bureau and an A service rating with Angie's List!

Dedicated & Committed

Our dependable full range of services covers both residential and commercial animal removal.

If you’re experiencing problems with Raccoons, Squirrels, Rats, Snakes, Bees, or any other type of wildlife, you’re at the right place.

“APEX Wildlife took care of our problem quickly, we were so pleased! Now that the critters are gone from the attic..”



We're dedicated to providing you an excellent customer experience while offering you premium animal removal services.


When raccoons come around, they can leave a serious mess and potential health problems with it! We can remove the raccoon, clean up after him and secure the structure against a future infestation. We've got you covered!


Bringing the Memphis community a dependable animal control service with a conscious mind.

    Animals can be seriously sneaky - we can help you find them.

    Dead animals are a part of wildlife - let the pros take care of it!

    We make sure to rid your space of leftover waste.

Sandy Homeowner

“Apex wildlife took care of our problem quickly, we were so pleased! Now that the critters are gone from the attic we can get a good nights rest again!”

Mark F. Business Manager

I needed this problem gone - APEX was the only company to handle it completely. Won't waste my time elsewhere.

Why choose APEX

Technicians undergo hands-on training in the field with the most experienced Wildlife Supervisors in the industry, learning the best practices of the NWCOA.
  • Humane Options

    We offer Memphis-area residents peace of mind and solutions that work.
  • Quality & Safety

    Highly-trained and knowledgeable specialists can quickly determine an immediate plan of action.
  • Highest Standards

    Our company is Certified and adheres with the practices of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association.
  • Preventative Measures

    Our techniques ensure your animal problem won't come back to bother you.

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Valuable information, tips, tricks, and other informational articles about why we love wildlife and what we do to protect it and you, the customer!
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