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Bees are our specialty! No matter the size or gravity, we can rid your bee problem.

Memphis Honeybee removal I am looking for a bee removal expert near memphis, TN I am looking for a bee man near memphis TN

Honey bee removal is not only dangerous, but an outright complicated procedure. If a swarm of bees goes into the wall - DO NOT SPRAY IT - you could cause an even bigger problem as the bees invade the interior of the home rather than just the wall void. Let a pro remove and repair the damage done.


If you see a swarm land on a tree or bush in your yard, they may leave, as this is only a temporaneous event. However, swarming can lead to colonization of your property, through roofing or other integral structures. Give us a call to assess the situation. We are experienced bee removal experts. You do not want a pest control company to come out and spray them, as this often leads to MORE problems rather than fixing it. The honey can attract other pests, and can rot your interior. Apex Wildlife Control has a reserve, where we can humanely and safely transport them to encourage species longevity without destroying them.

Close up of honey comb Honey Comb removal - Memphis TN Looking for a bee man near germantown