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Wildlife Control: Why Trapping is Your Best Method

We are Trappers

Apex Wildlife Control are trappers. We use behavioral science, coupled with state-of-the-art technology to safely, humanely remove animals. We firmly believe that this is the most effective method for nuisance wildlife control. Apex Wildlife Control in our ongoing efforts to educate the community, has a lot to say about why trapping is better than any other means of control.


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Why Should I Purchase Trapping?

Trapping is not as easy as it seems. Not every animal behaves the same way, and not every animal can be baited as easily! In fact some animals, such as raccoons and rats, may be what we call “trap shy”. That means they are a less prone to entering a trap. It takes a true wildlife expert, like all of our trappers at Apex Wildlife Control, to understand what it takes. That’s why all of our technicians and experts have wildlife degrees from accredited universities!


It’s the Best Method of Wildlife Control

Trapping is ultimately the best form of wildlife control for a few reasons. Only rarely will Apex Wildlife Control use alternative means. Trapping always remains our most favorable option because:

  • It’s humane: we trap so we don’t have to kill! That means all the animals we trap get relocated to wetlands, or our wildlife reserve so that they can give back. Many of these animal serve crucial environmental niches, so it’s important that they are removed and relocated.
  • It’s effective: Trapping as a form of control is simply the most effective. This is for a number of reasons, and usually other means such as poison create even bigger problems! For example, a poisoned animal may die in your wall or crawl space. If this occurs, then you have just opened a can of worms. You’ll likely need to gain access to the dead animal before other pests do. Further, you’ll need deodorization and decontamination to rid the smell!
  • Peace of mind: Poison and snap traps can incite nail biting and sleepless nights. You won’t really know if the animal problem has been solved until activity ceases for weeks! During this time you are sure to wonder if there’s an animal under your bed or in your closet. However, when you purchase trapping from Apex Wildlife Control, you’re getting a full inspection and consultation. This means that we check your wiring, ducts, and roof for damages! Apex Wildlife Control also checks for signs of activity and will no immediately whether or not your problem is solved.

What are You Waiting For?

Whether it’s rats in your attic, or a troublesome raccoon terrorizing the neighborhood, Apex Wildlife Control has a solution for you! Our professionals are educated, trained, and licensed to handle all animal species. With these practices, it’s no wonder why Apex Wildlife Control is the #1 wildlife removal company in the Greater Memphis Area. Call us now and we will fix your problem!