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Rat Control

Apex Wildlife Control: The Rat Control Experts of Memphis, TN

Rat control in the Greater Memphis Area becomes increasingly important as we enter the fall season. It’s during this time, which we call the “busy season”, that nuisance wildlife activity picks up. Rats, raccoons, squirrels, and mice will seek shelter in your home in order to escape the elements. These invaders, looking to take up residence & raise young, can cause a medley of issues for your family & property. Some of these issues are more commonly understood, such as health hazards. However, there are also the fire hazards to contend with, as 20% of all undetermined house fires are linked to small rodents. These animals, in attempt to nest, destroy ducts, insulation, and chew wires. All of which, especially the latter, can cause disastrous fires. Not to fear, however, as Apex Wildlife Control are your critter ridders of Memphis, TN. One simple inspection, and we will prevent any incidents with ease.


rat control
Chewed wires can lead to potential fire hazards.

Rat Control Memphis: Where to Start

So you’ve been hearing scurrying, clawing, and running in your walls & attic. Don’t worry, it’s not a ghost, but likely a small rodent of some kind. Memphis, TN is known to have widespread rat problems, especially in the East Memphis to Midtown areas. Whatever the critter involved, whether it be rats, mice, squirrels, or raccoons, the professionals at Apex Wildlife Control harness the experience and training to solve the problem. It’s usually the case, in rat control or small rodent scenarios, that the animal entered through a hole in the roof or foundation.

This can be traced to the area from which the noises are coming. Most commonly a small rodent has chewed a hole in an attic and taken up residence. This provides the small animal with a place to sleep, from which it can then exit to look for food. This is why we include a full inspection with each new job we open. After we’ve determined the species and all entry points, we can then draft a plan an exclusive plan for your case. Rat control works best when executed in a timely fashion. Do not hesitate when you begin hearing noises in your attic. Be proactive, as infestation is likely to occur.