Armadillos are the only animals, besides humans, to carry leprosy. Due to their stable, cooler temperatures, armadillos have become ideal candidates to carry the bacteria. Fortunately, out of the 250,000 cases worldwide, only a small portion of the disease affects Americans. Still, it is advised to keep a safe distance and respect the animal.


Armadillos may leave numerous holes around your property, as they forage and dig for food. In search of small insects & invertebrates, as well as small plants, they may excavate numerous dig sites, in turn ruining your yard & garden. A hungry armadillo will quickly turn into an expensive nuisance animal, unless you trap and remove them. If you are noticing uprooted plants, cracks in your foundation, and small holes littering your property, then you likely have an armadillo problem. Call the professionals at Apex Wildlife Removal and schedule your armadillo removal today!

Armadillo Removal

Armadillos have poor eyesight, and rely on a strong sense of smell. As such, they are prone to being easily frightened, and can be known to jump 3-4 ft in order to scare off predators. It’s cautioned to keep a distance, as they also carry harmful diseases such as leprosy. Our trained, licensed professionals understand how to humanely trap and remove armadillos safely, and without concern to your family.

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Armadillo's may cause property damage as they uproot vegetation in search of food and shelter. Apex Wildlife Control strongly believes that trapping and proper exclusion are the best methods of prevention. Never attempt to use poisons or other means of control, as they can destroy beneficial species. Further, toxins may worsen your issue and attract predators and insect swarms. If you're experiencing burrows, cracks in your foundation, or other signs of armadillo activity, keep a safe distance and call the professionals at Apex Wildlife Control. 

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