Issues with beavers typically pertain to flooding and property damage, by dams which are used for shelter. If you live near a body of water, it’s possible that your tree-line and vegetation are at risk of destruction, as beavers will chip away at them to create these dams. When a dam is made, your property may then become at risk of flooding, and the altered waterways may attract new pests such as mosquitos and snakes.


Beavers are the United States largest rodent, and they’re frequently known for create dams with their unusually strong teeth, creating a pond for themselves to enjoy. It is critical to catch new invaders early. A longstanding problem may require a much different solution. Call us for your beaver removal situation!

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Apex Wildlife Control has actively worked with many societies such as the Wolf River Conservatory, to maintain our beautiful rivers. We are one of the few equipped and trained wildlife removal companies that has the experience to remove beavers from your property. With hundreds of successful beaver trapping and removal jobs completed, we know we can guarantee that your property will be beaver free.