Birds removal is done in a variety of ways. We can clean out the bird nest, and make the necessary repairs to keep them out for good. Birds for the most part are just looking for a place to raise a family. A bird nest in a chimney can be bad for the bird. If a young bird falls down often it cannot be retrieved by the parent bird.

Sometimes they just get stuck inside a wall and need to be rescued – or cut out!

A bird in a wall will die without water!


Your Bird Removal Experts

Birds, although small in size, can present some of the greatest challenges in nuisance wildlife control and removal. These challenges not only range from a host of behavioral differences amongst varying species, but specifically revolve around the numerous permits and licenses needed to remove the animal.

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Important Information

Song birds, such as the Mockingbird—the state animal—all require special permits from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA). This means that you cannot touch or harm the species, nor remove any eggs or nesting. Apex Wildlife Control has the educated, trained, and licensed professionals to remove and treat any bird-related issues you may face on your residential or commercial property. No matter what species, Apex Wildlife Control will consult and assess the problem to ensure your problem is solved.

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