Coyotes are easily adaptable to urban and rural environments. Thriving in residential areas, where food sources such as vegetation, small rodents, livestock, and pets are readily available, coyotes are timid, but curious animals. Often dispersed by habitat loss, it’s not too uncommon to see a coyote roaming out of the brush, and onto your property. As capable diggers and jumpers, they can easily gain access into your property and should be respected.

Your Coyote Removal Experts

Coyotes should be handled seriously, and are better left to the professionals at Apex Wildlife Control. Our professionals will trap and remove the animal, so that they cannot pose a risk to your family and pets. Once removed, we will safely relocate them to the Apex Wildlife Reserve, where they can live freely and away from human contact. It’s very seldom to encounter reoccurring coyote problems that warrant this service, thus many wildlife companies are ill equipped to handle the species.

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Important Information

Coyotes, because of their diverse diet, pose a threat to your livestock and pets. Fences and other barriers may offer little protection due to their nature of digging and jumping. Additionally, they also may carry diseases such as rabies, and parasites such as ticks, worms, and fleas. It’s advised to respect coyotes and keep a safe distance. If you feel like your property is at risk, call the professionals at Apex Wildlife Control.

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