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Mice: One of the Worst Invaders

Unlike most species that only breed once per year, mice breed year-round. According to one statistic, “in 1 year, 1 female mouse can breed up to 10 litters of 5 to 6 young.” These 60 young will, in return, begin to breed at about 6 weeks! Thus, a small mouse problem rapidly descends into disarray, and eventually, swarming. If you leave your mouse issue ignored, it’s only a matter of time until it’s run over by mice. Small rodents, such as mice, are perhaps the best adapted animals. They thrive in attics, walls, & basements where they face no threat from predators. You will need mice removal services quickly, as soon as you begin to see activity.

Apex Wildlife Control to the Rescue

So you’ve seen all the signs of mice: noises in your attics, scratching in your walls, and even fecal matter trails. Maybe you’ve seen signs of chewing in your ductwork, wires, or food containers. What do you do now? Call Apex Wildlife Control, of course. As previously stated, mice quickly breed out of control, and so time is of the most importance. Don’t hesitate to call Apex Wildlife Control at the first signs of mice activity. Immediately, we will schedule a full inspection at your property and begin mice control measures.

This top to bottom inspection will cover everything from foundation damage, to chewed wiring, to ductwork damages. We will look for all hazardous waste, and any other potential threats to yourself & family. After the inspection is finished, we will give you one-on-one consultation to fill you in and bring you in the know. Finally, we trap for 2 weeks, giving us plenty of time to solve your problem! We will closely monitor your situation, adjusting in whatever ways need be until the activity ceases to be.

Why Apex?

Apex Wildlife Control is not your typical wildlife removal or pest control company. We see every customer as an individual, not a statistic. This means that you will get the best treatment for your situation. We tailor each job based on the activity they are seeing. We aren’t just another company sending a guy with a check-list of things to do. Our trained, licensed, & insured professionals carry wildlife degrees. This means that they have a full understanding of how each species behaves. They use this knowledge to removal nuisance animals from your property. We guarantee our work, and our proud to be the #1 wildlife removal company in the Greater Memphis Area as voted by Angie’s List & Yelp!

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