Honey bees do not pose too much of a threat, as long as they are kept a safe and respectable distance. The major hazard that they pose to your home isn’t so much the bee, but rather the honey combs they produce. If bees are removed, and the honey combs aren’t, they will spoil and attract new bees, other species of animal, and even worse hazards such as molds and fungi. This is why Apex Wildlife Control must advise properly removing and scraping all honey comb from any entry point. If this is not performed correctly, your problem will not be solved.

Apex Wildlife Control has a number of colonies on our wildlife reserve. Here, we allow bees to pollinate native Tennessee plants, and thus contribute to the environment. Our methods revolve around cutting into any walls or ceilings, and smoking out the bees, while removing them safely with large vacuums. Once removed, the entire colony is then safely transported away from the property.

Memphis Wildlife


Bees play an essential part of our environment, and day to day lives, as they pollinate one third of the food we consume. Without them, our food sources would be reduced, and our planet would be altered for the worse. Most of the calls we get pertains to swarming, which is a non-threatening behavior in which a new queen, and her workers, actively search for a new colony. During this swarming, which only lasts for a few hours to days, you may see hundreds of bees hanging around your car or property. Don’t be alarmed, this is only temporary! The only real concern is if they don’t move on after this time, in which you should contact Apex Wildlife Control to safely, humanely remove and relocate the bees.

Local Stats

  • 23.0%Raccoons
  • 10.0%Snakes
  • 4.0%Bees
  • 14.0%Coyotes
  • 1.5%Armadillos
  • 8%Squirrels
  • 6%Moles