Raccoons pose many hazards to your home & family. Not only are they carriers of rabies, but also bacterial diseases such as leptospirosis. Additionally, they often carry roundworms, which can be a threat to you and your pet’s health. Property damage is the hazard most often associated with raccoons, as they will destroy your garden and loot trashcans. Raccoons may also destroy your insulation, ducts, and livestock such as small chickens. Attacks on pets and small livestock are very common in the Greater Memphis Area. Raccoon trapping and preventative measures such as exclusion are the most advised means of solving related issues. Call the pros at Apex Wildlife Control for a consultation. We’ll determine the best method of control for your issue.

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As the official state animal of Tennessee, the common raccoon is our specialty at Apex Wildlife Control. These notorious bandits are infamous for scavenging for food, leaving no rock or trash can unturned. Nuisance raccoons are easily identified by droppings, destruction, nests, and scratches in your walls and attic. If you’ve experienced any, or all, of the above, then it’s likely your home has been breached by a raccoon or an entire family. This problem is more likely to occur during fall to winter, as they seek the warmer shelter that a house can provide. It’s time to call the Greater Memphis raccoon removal experts!



Trapping and breach repair is always the best course of action. Other methods, such as poison, are never recommended by Apex Wildlife Control because the animal can die in your wall which worsens the problem. A dead animal can attract pests into your home, rot your walls, and cause unsanitary health conditions. Let alone the smell of carrion to penetrate your household. This, unfortunately, happens far too often at Apex Wildlife Control. If you have killed an animal with poison, we offer our  Dead Animal & Deodorization services to relieve you of the issue. In closing, it’s always advised to seek the opinion of a professional trapper at Apex Wildlife Control. We will solve your nuisance wildlife problem and guarantee the work.

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Preventative measures should be taken, such as keeping trash lids fastened onto your containers, and making sure there are no entry points. Scratching in walls and attics can point to breaches in your property, and may mean that you have a bigger raccoon problem. This will likely warrant our trapping and home inspection services, as we will need to use thermal imaging to check your walls for litters. Raccoons living in your walls and attic should be respected and removed immediately, as they can chew wires and cause house fires. Additionally, they carry rabies, round worms, and other parasites and disease.

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