Opossums, the only marsupial found in North America, are mostly found at night scavenging and foraging for food. There diet consists of small vegetation, insects, and even snakes, from whose venom they are immune to! However, in the midst of their feeding habits, they are prone to digging under porches and houses, causing damage to yards and property.

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Quick Fact about  this lawn damaging critter! Opossums and possums are scientifically two different groups of animals. The term “Possum” covers about 70 species of marsupials in Australia and the term “OPOSSUM” covers about 100 species of marsupials in the western hemisphere – including our own area in Memphis. So give us a call for an OPOSSUM as  it is doubtful you will find a “possum” in or near Memphis, TN!We still however, get the phone calls like “Help I have a possum in my kitchen cabinet” but we know what were up against!

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Important Information

Although generally considered to be rabies free, due to their body temperatures, they still host parasites and other pathogens, such as fleas and ticks, as well as tuberculosis and spotted fever. Opossums generally keep to themselves, but they should be respected and kept at a distance. If you believe a group has moved into your house, call the professionals at Apex Wildlife Control to perform an inspection. Our trained and licensed professionals have the tools to exclude and safely remove them from your home.

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