Voles may cause extensive damage to orchards, ornamentals, and tree plantings due to their girdling of seedlings and mature trees. Girdling dam age usually occurs in fall and winter. Field crops (for example, alfalfa, clover, grain, potatoes, and sugar beets) may be damaged or completely destroyed by voles. Voles eat crops and also damage them when they build extensive runway and tunnel systems. These systems interfere with crop irrigation by displacing water and causing levees and checks to wash out. Voles also can ruin lawns, golf courses, and ground covers.


The Vole Removal Experts

Voles may be cute but can cause a lot of damage to your property. Voles live in a system of tunnels that they dig under the ground.  In doing this, they thus eat the root system of a wide variety of plants, shrubs and grass, consequently starving the plants of nutrients.  As with most species, particularly the outdoor variety, poison can be ineffective and harmful to beneficial species. Trapping is always the most effective way of removal. It’s time to call the vole removal experts at Apex Wildlife Control today. We’ll solve your problem.

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Moles, Voles! What's the Difference? It might surprise you to know that while Moles and Voles have similar names, they are two very different species entirely (source*). Voles, also called meadow mice or field mice, are often brown or gray, though many color variations exist.

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