Squirrels & Your Home: Memphis Squirrel Control

If you’re hearing scratching or running in your attic, then you need to consult a professional about squirrel control! Squirrels can cause major roof, attic, and general home damages. While they may be cute and tiny in size, make no mistake that these local rodents can cause major damages to your home and property. Apex Wildlife Control are your squirrel removal experts! Typically the greatest threat they pose is wiring chewing, and structural damage.  This danger poses an immediate threat to your family, as it’s estimated that 20% of house fires are caused by small rodents.  You’ll know their presence soon after you begin to see droppings, and hear noises such as scratching and scurrying in your walls and attic, where they have most likely nested. If you’re hearing such noises, don’t hesitate to call! Every day that goes by increases the odds of a fire hazard. Apex Wildlife Control technicians will do a full inspection of your attic and roof during our consultation!