Wildlife In Our Area

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Rats and Mice don’t add much to the family photo album! If you’re serious about finally getting rid of your rat or mouse problem give us a call. We do NOT toss out poison and pray it works! We want to solve your problem for good. On the other hand, if you have already used poison and unfortunately IT WORKED but now you have an awful smell - our technicians have a trained super nose! We will sniff out the critter and remove it whenever possible. After all we are there to fix things not create a new problem. We will work hard to make sure your problem is solved! Common noises a mouse or rat may make would be scratching, clawing, or running around at 2 am. Often times a rat or mouse will scratch in the same exact spot every time. If there are enough of them you might hear running around noises like a football game is going on (with little players, that is).
A Voles territory can range up to a quarter acre. In that quarter acre a Vole will tear up all types of plants from grass to flowers, even bushes. With most species, we relocate them to our wildlife refuge. Voles are an exception we have to terminate them. Give us a call to help determine what needs to be done!
A squirrel entry may be easy to spot! This entry point could be for just about anything! A squirrel would have no problem gaining access here! Sometimes a squirrel hole is very hard to find - and that’s where we really shine! We work hard to find all points of entry - even potential future spots.
Raccoons can leave potentially harmful waste behind while being a nuisance - they'll take anything that they aren't supposed to! Food, trash, clothes, toys - it's best to put your stuff up at night and call the pros to take care of the raccoons!
Honey bee removal is not only dangerous, but an outright complicated procedure. If a swarm of bees goes into the wall - DO NOT SPRAY IT - you could cause an even bigger problem as the bees invade the interior of the home rather than just the wall void. Let a pro remove and repair the damage done. If you see a swarm land on a tree or bush in your yard, they may leave, as this is only a temporaneous event. However, swarming can lead to colonization of your property, through roofing or other integral structures. Give us a call to assess the situation. We are experienced bee removal experts. You do not want a pest control company to come out and spray them, as this often leads to MORE problems rather than fixing it. The honey can attract other pests, and can rot your interior. Apex Wildlife Control has a reserve, where we can humanely and safely transport them to encourage species longevity without destroying them.
Snakes can be a real terror to those who are truly afraid of them. Often times these little guys mean no harm but regardless few people will accept them in the house! If you find a snake skin in the attic or need an expert snake removal done we are the right people to call. We are familiar with snake fences, and snake prevention. Sometimes you will need to do more than just find a snake, you may have to clear up some brush, remove a wood pile or repair holes in your foundation. Snakes are there because one or more of their primary needs are being met.
One way we do bird removal is we can clean out the bird nest, and make the necessary repairs to keep the birds out for good. Birds are just looking for a place to raise a family. A bird nest in a chimney is a bad place for the birds. For example, a young bird falls out of the nest into the chimney and cannot be retrieved by the parent. We don’t want that to happen! Better that the mother and child are removed and taken to our wildlife reserve. Sometimes birds just get stuck inside a wall and needs to be rescued. A bird stuck in a wall without food or water will die in a wall! A dead bird in a wall is not good for anyone. We can put up net in an area to stop the birds from entering! Bird netting around an HVAC unit or area can be time consuming. If you need someone to take care of your bird problem - get them out and keep them out, give APEX a call! We are bird removal experts. Applying a sticky or tacky repellant will annoy the bird. This solution does not entrap the bird but rather the sticky surface annoys the bird as it creates an uncomfortable place to land. However, this is not always a perfect solution as these substances may stain woodwork or run in high heat!
How to get rid of moles from your yard or lawn? Easy, call us! We can trap the moles on your property. We will get the job done. If mole removal was easy everyone would do it. Getting rid of moles is difficult and not a job for a beginner. You can try to get rid of them but if you decide to give up hope. Don’t! We can help.
Beavers cause millions of dollars in damage to roadways, timber, and other forms of property damage. The damage is often caused by flooding or falling trees. Beavers are not often a residential issue. We specialize in solving wildlife problems and the beaver is one tough guy to catch and remove! It is important to understand the nature of a beaver and its family. The beaver is nature’s own construction crew. Like us they change their environment to be suit their needs and that is why we come into conflict. The properly trained professional knows how to develop a plan to catch and to prevent beavers from returning It is critical to catch new invaders early. A longstanding problem may require a much different solution. Call us for your beaver removal situation.
Bats tend to get into small places and high places! Bat Exterminators is really NOT the right word to use - we perform HUMANE bat removal and we guarantee our work.
We get skunk calls, and often its 2 types: First, “We got a skunk” and now we don’t know what to do. Sometimes people are trying to catch cats or a raccoon and whoops they catch a skunk in a cage trap! If you accidentally caught a skunk give us a call we can help you. Second, “Oh, my we just saw a skunk” and now we don’t know what to do - either call there is a skunk and nobody wants to get sprayed. A caged skunk can be dealt with, and often without us getting sprayed or your belongings getting sprayed!
Coyotes are some of the smartest animals in nature. Trapping performed by untrained personnel may educate the coyote making the professionals job much harder. There are not many good coyote trappers doing this as part of their business operations as it can be labor intensive.
Feral Cats and Dogs
We do not run the local animal shelter but we will handle feral cats or dogs. A feral animal is a domesticated animal that has returned to the wild. Sometimes the local animal shelter cannot handle a job like trapping 40-50 cats in a feral colony and this is where we can help. If a neighbor’s cat is pooping in your flowerbed or spraying urine in your yard we may be able to help with that as well. Oddly, we get calls for strays too and even though we do not handle all aspects of stray animals we can direct you to the solution!
If you find a Opossum in the attic or need an expert Opossum removal done we are the right people to call. We are familiar with Opossums, and Opossum elimination. Sometimes you will need to do more than just remove them, you may have to clear up some brush, remove a wood pile or repair holes in your foundation. Opossums are there because one or more of their primary needs are being met. I like to call Opossums, natures homeless people. They wander around in a seemingly mindless manor but they are actually quite smart. Some say they rank up there with dogs in intelligence!
Armadillos can cause problems! How do you get rid of digging in the yard? Simple we trap and remove the armadillos causing the problem. We know the difference in the holes made by an armadillo vs. a raccoon. There is no known bait proven effective for armadillos so we rely on our skills in setting up traps to guide these half blind animals into our traps. We often look at the lay of the land and the structures surrounding the area to help us catch them as quickly as possible. Armadillos can carry leprosy, and damage the foundation. Often they eat termites and ants which is a good thing. If you have a termite barrier often an armadillo will void your warranty so check with your pest care professional once the critter digging the holes has been removed.