Owner Mike Maynard talks rat removal with Fox 13 News.  An informative look inside commercial and residential rat problems.

Friends, only 2 rats can create over 1500 more rats in a year.  JUST those two rats.  Their offspring can create even more! 

So if you see rats around your home or business, nip that problem in the bud now!

When choosing a wildlife removal company, it’s important that you use one that can give you guaranteed results. Apex Wildlife Control is a one stop shop when it comes to the sealing of your home and the removal and relocation of wildlife. Whether you have squirrels, rats or raccoons in your attic, siding or crawl space, we have the experts you need to solve your wildlife problem! We specialize in humanely trapping and relocating problem wildlife. We also perform full exclusion or sealing of your home to prevent further damage from wildlife.

Do you have issues with animals digging in your lawn, knocking over trash cans, chewing on your house, or just generally being a pest?

We can solve this problem with outside trapping. Our outside trapping services include Raccoon Trapping, Opossum Trapping, Armadillo Trapping, and Skunk Trapping.. While we performing this service our expert technicians will set out 2 to 3 humane traps. We will then check the traps every 36 hours and relocate the trapped animals.

Imagine spending hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on your beautiful yard… only to see it destroyed by MOLES. Waking up to more and more damage every morning can be heartbreaking. So If you’re tired of watching all of your hard work being ruined by these little creatures, then call Apex Wildlife Control today! Our technicians work hard to rid your yard of moles so you can enjoy your beautiful view again.

When you book Apex Wildlife Control for your rat, mice, or rodent removal needs, we guarantee to solve your problem. The methods we use do not merely consist of placing traps in your attic and hoping for the best. To solve your rat removal problems, our company will completely seal your property of any potential and actual entry points to ensure you do not have a re-occurrence.

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