Apex Secretary - Apply Payments

How To Apply Payments To Client Accounts

Once a job has been marked complete on the Dispatch Page, an invoice will be created.  If the job amount is ZERO, then the invoice will be created for ZERO.  In this case, a job was completed with a value of $1500.  This created an invoice for $1500.  To post a payment to this invoice, click the invoice underneath Add A Transaction.

The invoice screen will pop up .  Click on the orange Enter Payment button.

This is a VERY IMPORTANT STEP.  The payment amount at the bottom of the page is the amount that will be charged once you click the orange Charge & Close button.  If you are charging a different amount (such as a half payment for exclusion), you must first change the amount in the field highlighted in blue.

Once you have entered the correct payment account, click the Allocate Payment button.

After clicking the Allocate Payment button, the Payment amount at the bottom of the screen should match the amount allocated.  If these match, you may click the orange Charge & Close button. 

*For checks, click the field next to Payment Method and scroll down to Check and select.  Enter check number in the correct field and continue.

Now that you have applied the payment, you will need to email the client their receipt.  All other emails to clients are sent from the top of their client page, but receipts are sent directly from the invoice.  Therefore, click the invoice the payment was made on.  Do NOT click on the payment, just the invoice.  There can be multiple invoices as shown below.

If the invoice has been paid in full, you will see a green banner across the right top corner of the invoice with PAID in the middle. To email this invoice/receipt, click the orange Email button at the top right corner of the invoice.

The form email has already been created, so all you need to do is click the green Send button at the bottom.

You have now posted a payment and emailed the client their invoice/receipt.

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