Apex Secretary - Daily Routine


Clock In.
Unforward phones.
Check route sheets and put bait bags in Michael’s clipboard as necessary.
Send “Your Appointment Is Today” email to today’s clients on dispatch.
Make sure front door is locked after technicians leave.
Check email several times during the day and call back website messages.


Answer phones and communicate openings to set inspections.
If someone calls for Mike or Jenn, ask if it’s something you can help with. If not, ask them to leave a message and I will call them back.
Follow up on photos and exclusion agreements from inspections.
Enter payments necessary as jobs are closed.
Document all new information and changes to client accounts.
Enter each technician route sheet information for the day.
Update calendar and white board to coincide with Service Auto Pilot.
Monitor Service Auto Pilot for any posting or trap check inconsistencies.



Finalize Route Sheets at 4pm, print and place in clipboards.
Send “How Did We Do Today?” email to today’s clients.
Vacuum office, clean and restock bathrooms and kitchen as necessary.
Bring any items we are low on to Jenn’s attention.
Close blinds (if dark outside).
Forward phones.
Clock out.
Have a great evening!


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