How To Enter Appointments

INTRODUCTION:  The Caller Greeting

Your voice is the first contact we have with our clients, and we want to make a great first impression!  A friendly, warm voice with a smile makes our clients feel comfortable discussing their wildlife problems.

“Thank you for calling Apex Wildlife Control.  This is (name).  How can I help you?”

The caller will then explain their wildlife problem.  Express concern and a sympathetic ear for their wildlife problem.

After the caller tells you why they have called, ask the caller, “Have you ever worked with us before?”   If the answer is yes, look up their account by clicking on the magnifying glass on the right side of your SAP tool bar at the top of your screen.

If you cannot find their account by name, try looking it up by their address.  If you still cannot find the account, enter the caller as a Lead.  The client’s account may not be in SAP for the following reasons:

1.  Sometimes callers will confuse us with another company they have used.   
2.  The caller may have used us before December 2019 and their account information has not been uploaded into SAP.

1.     Click GREEN PLUS SIGN in top right corner of Service Auto Pilot.

  2.    Click LEAD.

3.    Enter name, address, zip code, email, home or cell phone in the order indicated by the red numbers.  Do not click Save yet.

4.    Click Details tab, select Residential or Commercial.

5.    Click Sales tab, select Source (how client heard about us).  Click Save.

6.    Now that the caller's information is in the system as a Lead, you may give the information regarding our services.  Once the caller has decided to book a job with us, you may change the caller's status from Lead to Client by clicking More at the top right corner of the Client  Account Page and then click Convert Lead. 

Once the caller has officially become a client, you may add the service requested.  Below Office Notes, click Add A Job, and select Add A One Time Job.

Once the caller has officially become a client, you may add the service requested.  Below Office Notes, click Add A Job, and select Add A One Time Job.

A window will pop up that reads New One Time Job.  Select the job/service from the drop down menu.  Under Start Date, select the date you are scheduling the service for.  Select the technician or contractor designated for this job.  Click Save. 

NOTE: This information can be edited at any time as shown in the following steps.

7.  To add office notes, click Edit beside client name at top of account page.  This action will allow you to edit any information on the account.

8.  Click on Office Notes at top of account page.

9.  You will see a window pop up as shown below.  This is where you type information about the client and the job.  This is also where you will paste the Inspection Questions and type the answers given by the client.  Click Save.

10.  To add a credit card, at the top of Client Account page, click (Add) next to No Card On File.  NOTE:  We do not take American Express.

Helpful Hint:  Do not ask for a credit card.  Use “Now let’s get your credit card on file and we’ll be all set!”  This will allow you to cheerfully bypass the question.  If client refuses to give CC, kindly tell the client we can only take checks.  Our technicians do not carry cash due to the possibility of being robbed.

11.  A small window will pop up as shown below.  Click on the Add Credit Card button.

12.  Enter card number, expiration date, and 3 digit security code.  Ask "First and name as it appears on the card?"  Very important!  Then click Save.

13.  Answer YES to both pop up windows.

14.  To the client, "I have scheduled your appointment for (DAY, DATE).  You will be receiving an email in a few moments, verifying the appointment.  This email also contains more information about what to expect when the technician arrives."

If the client asks what time their appointment is, reply with "Because we are a wildlife company, we deal with wild animals and some of our appointments take longer than others.  I don't want to give you a time I can't commit to, but if you call after 4 the day before your appointment, I can give you a 2 hour window in which the technician will arrive.   The technician will also call you 30 minutes before arrival."

Always end with, "If you have any questions or concerns, or if something comes up and you need to reschedule... my name is X.  Give me a call and I'll be happy to take care of you!" 

15.  At top of client account page, click Send and Email as shown below.

16.  Click on black field, scroll down to Welcome To Apex and select.  You may also choose the Commercial version or the Condo version if required.

17.  A window will pop up showing the Welcome To Apex email.  Change the DAY, DATE to the day and date of the appointment (example: Wednesday, February 15, 2023).  Click Send.

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