Apex Secretary - Outdoor Trapping Job

Scheduling The Outdoor Trapping Jobs

Outdoor trapping pertains to any live cage trapping.  This includes live cage traps set for squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks and armadillos.  This does NOT apply to mole, rodent or excluder traps.

Traps must be checked every 36 hours as mandated by TN state law.  Therefore when we sell a trapping job, we must immediately schedule trap checks every other day.  We ask the client to keep an eye on the traps over the weekend, and if they see that an animal has been trapped, a technician will be dispatched to check the trap. We perform 3 trap checks, and on the third trap check, the traps are collected.

INFORMATION FOR CLIENT:  "Our technician will set 2 to 3 live traps.  We check the traps every 36 hours as mandated by state law.  We will check the traps 3 times, which comes to about a week of trapping.  Any animals we catch, we will relocate 20 miles away so the animal never finds its way back to your home.  There is NO GUARANTEE since you cannot make a wild animal go into a trap, but we are very successful."

After you have created the client account, click Add A Job.  Then select Add a one time job.

Under Service, click on the blank field and scroll down to the type of trapping you need.  For training purposes, we will select Raccoon Trapping - Residential Local.

Under Start Date, enter the date the traps are scheduled to be placed at the client's home.  Assign the job to a technician and click Save.

Now that you have set up the trapping job, it is time to set up trap checks.  While each trapping job is species specific, the trap checks are not.  Click on Add a Job, Add A One Time Job, then arrow down to Trap Check Outside 1 and select.

As stated before, each trap must be checked every 36 hours.  Therefore we schedule a trap check every other day.  The first trap check should be scheduled two days from the date the traps are set.  You must apply a technician to any job you schedule or the job will not dispatch onto the route sheet.  Click Save.

Repeat until all 3 trap checks are scheduled.  If a trap check falls on a weekend, schedule it for the following Monday instead.  We still give the client 3 trap checks, but if the client calls over the weekend and reports an animal caught in one of our traps, then that will count as one of the trap checks.  When this happens, all of the trap checks should be adjusted. 

In this account, we have scheduled the 2nd trap check on a Friday, and the 3rd trap check on a Monday.  If an animal is trapped over the weekend, this will count as the 3rd trap check and the technician will collect the traps.  Therefore, the 3rd trap check on Monday will be cancelled.

Now that we have scheduled the trapping and trap checks, we need to send the client 2 emails.  At the top right corner of the account, click Send and select Email.

Click the black field, scroll down to Outside Trapping and select.

This email gives the client additional information about our trapping service.  On this email, change the Day and Date to the date the traps are scheduled to be set.  (Example: Monday, March 2, 2023)  Click Send.

Now we need to send the trap check schedule to the client.  Click Send, Email and then click in the black Search Documents field as shown above.  Scroll down to Your Outdoor Trap Check Schedule and select.

Again, this email will give the client more information about what to expect on the dates of these trap checks.  Change the DAY, DATE to the correct day and date of each trap check.  Click Send. 

You have now set up this Outdoor Trapping Job.  On each day of the trap set and trap checks, be sure the technician has sweet bait in his box.

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