Apex Secretary - Route Sheets

How To Create Route Sheets

Route sheets should be printed and placed under the clipboard on top of technicians' metal boxes by 4pm.

At the top of SAP, click on Scheduling, then click on Dispatch Jobs.

Select all jobs regardless of who they are assigned to, and click Actions.

Click on Group Stops.

Click Select Resources, and select the technicians or contractors shown.  Then click Apply.

On the right side of SAP, click Update Today's Route Only.

Now you are ready to print the route sheets.  Scroll to the right side of SAP, and click Print.

Click on the white field beside Resources, and select all technicians shown for this day.  Do not select contractors as they do not receive route sheets.

Click on the white field next to Override Format, scroll down to Condensed Route Sheet and select.  Click Update.

This will pull up the actual route sheet.  DO NOT CLICK THE PRINT BUTTON.  Instead, click the small printer icon as shown below.

Print as usual.  Place printed route sheets on clipboard on top of metal boxes.

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