Apex Secretary - Selling The Inspection


If a client has called because he hears or sees animals in his attic or another part of his home or business, we need to book an inspection.  In order to book an inspection, you will need to be able to explain the Inspection Process.  Memorize the following information until you know it by heart.

 "First, we will send out a technician to do a full interior and exterior inspection of the property.

The technician will go up to your attic and look for chewed wires, damage to your HVAC and droppings that will verify the species of animal in your home.  He will document his findings with photos which he will .  The technician will then inspect around the outside of your home from foundation to roof line, looking for possible and probable areas where the animals are getting in.  (At this time, the client will sometimes interrupt you to say that they know where the animals are getting in at.  When this happens, reply, “Thanks!  That’s a great help!” And then continue to explain the Inspection Process)

The technician will document his findings with more photos.  He will then write up an estimate to not only trap the animals, but also to seal your home up against more animals coming in.  After all, trapping animals without sealing your home is like swatting flies and leaving your front door open.  Doesn’t do a bit of good!

Now because our technicians are extremely thorough, this inspection takes between an hour and an hour and a half to complete.  The cost of the inspection is $189, but if you go with us for the exclusion - which is the term for the sealing up of your home - then that $189 will go against the cost of your exclusion.  That cost, of course is determined by what the technician finds on his inspection.  (pause)  I can set up an inspection for you if you like?”


Once the client decides to schedule an inspection, follow the instructions under Apex Secretary - Booking Appointments.  Office Notes is a very important section in the Client Account.  This is where you will enter information about the appointment you are setting.  Type a short summary of why the client called and any other important details not covered in the Exclusion Questions.  The more information the technician has, the better.  End this summary with a space, dash, space, your name or initials, and the date.  This is in order to record who took the call.  (Example. - JB 11/21/22)

The Exclusion Questions are crucial to an inspection.  The client’s answers to these questions will help the technician locate the problem areas of the home.

        1.  Open the Pages file titled Exclusion Questions on your desk top.
        2.  Copy and paste the Exclusion Questions into the Office Notes section below the summary you already typed.
        3.  Ask the client these questions and type the answers. 
        4.  When questions are completed, click Save at the bottom of the screen.

(Pro Tip 1: For a faster entry, keep the Exclusion Questions page minimized on your desktop with the Exclusion Questions highlighted.)

(Pro Tip 2: During the time it takes to copy and paste these questions into the Office Notes section, you can casually mention that you have a few questions that the technician will usually ask when he arrives, but asking them now will speed up the inspection process for the client.) 


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