Are Raccoons Digging Up Your Yard In Eads, TN?

Are Raccoons Digging Up Your Yard In Eads TN?

Coming home to find that a wild animal has destroyed your beautiful yard can ruin anyone’s day. As a homeowner you invest many hours and lot of your hard-earned money to create the beautiful landscape around your home. Your yard is first thing people notice as they pull into your driveway. If you have raccoons digging up your yard in Eads TN, then this article is for you!

Apex Wildlife Control understands how upset homeowners can get from this. Our business is to help customers stop wildlife culprits that invade your property and put an end to the damage they can do. The first step is to identify the species involved, and you accomplish that by looking around your property for signs of wildlife.

What To Look For When Raccoons Are Digging Up Your Yard

If you already suspect that it’s a raccoon digging up your yard you will want to walk around for raccoon droppings for verification. Also, have you noticed something has been getting into your trashcans? Do you have neighbors that have reported either seeing wildlife around their homes or having their yards torn up as well? These are indications that can assist in determining if it is, indeed, raccoons that are digging in your yard.

When Do Raccoons Dig In Your Yard?

Raccoons tend to return to the same area if it proves to be a plentiful source of food. You may not see them during day because raccoons are nocturnal which means they are active at night, and this is another sign that you are dealing with a raccoon. If you have a sodded yard you may see that sod has been is rolled up where a raccoon has been at work. Raccoons dig in the dirt in their search for grubs and other larvae insects. Similar types of spots can be created by skunks and opossums when they forage for food, but raccoons are more common.

What You Can Do To Prevent Raccoons From Digging In Your Yard?

Wildlife will only stay around areas if they are attracted by something. Thus, there are preventative measures you can take by removing the reasons raccoons are drawn to your yard. As you look around your home, what do you see that might bring wildlife to your door? Back to your trashcans, are the trashcan lids tightly secured? Do you have neighbors that you know have been feeding wildlife that would bring raccoons into the neighborhood? Raccoons will eat practically anything, but they seem to LOVE cat food. Do you feed your pet cats or dogs outside? If so you want to diligently pick up the bowls and any leftover food that your pets drop on the ground or do not eat at feeding time. For more information on this check out Raccoons Stealing Cat Food In Memphis TN?

After you check into and make all these easy fixes, take a look at your lawn. Are there any brown spots? If so, then there may be an over overpopulation of grubs and insects in the dirt. Rid your lawn of the grubs, and you will have a healthier lawn with fewer raccoons because grubs are like candy to raccoons.

How Our Trapping Process Works.

Apex Wildlife Control has a very successful record with our outside trapping. We very rarely fail to trap a targeted species. Our company uses humane, live traps that do no harm to any animal caught. Animals are able to enter the trap easily, but they need our assistance to get out. The trapping process takes place over period of seven says. Our wildlife technicians use species-specific baits to bait the traps and places several traps around the area. The technicians are then scheduled to return three times (every 36 hours) to check the traps. We add more traps if needed, or rebait and reset traps as necessary.

Because raccoons LOVE cat food some people will use it as bait. However, if you happen to live in a neighborhood with a lot of stray cats then cat food would not be the ideal bait to use. We do not want to accidentally trap cats, dogs or other domestic animals. We use a bait that will only target raccoons.

Relocation Of Raccoons

We do ask our clients to get involved and check the traps in between trap checks by the technicians and call us right away if they find that an animal is caught so we can come out that day to remove the animal. All dogs should be leashed or kept away from the traps for their own safety. Both dogs and cats can become stuck in the trap or eat the bait and render the trap useless for its intended use.

When the raccoon is trapped we relocate it 25 miles away from your property so that it cannot find its way back. The chances for the raccoon’s survival in its new surroundings is reduced due to the fact that they may have to fight over new territory that is already occupied by other raccoons. They also need to locate new sources of water and food. Yes, raccoons are tough, but they do not always survive in a new area. Sadly, sometimes relocation is the only option. This is why we strive to educate clients on how to deter raccoons from coming onto your property.

Do You Have A Family Of Raccoons?

Have you noticed several raccoons together? It might be that there is a family of raccoons digging in your yard in Eads TN. Count them. That way we know the exact number of traps to set. Anytime we have a wildlife family of any species we will try our best to trap them at the same time so that when we relocate them they will have a greater chance to survive by being released together.

Apex Wildlife are the wildlife professionals to call if you have any questions or concerns about raccoons in your yard. Call us at 901-598-8555. We will be happy to help!

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