Are Raccoons In Your Walls In Cordova TN?

Are raccoons in your walls in Cordova TN? Do you hear strange noises coming from your walls? Sounds like banging or loud scratching? Do you hear what sounds like muffled chattering or maybe even crying sounds like a baby? If so, there might be a raccoon stuck in your walls.

This may happen if a raccoon is living in your attic and falls through a hole in the insulation. And this often happens to raccoon babies. We can help you out in this annoying situation. Handling raccoons can be very dangerous, especially with the mama raccoon nearby. Please call a professional before you try to open up a wall or rescue a baby raccoon by yourself.

Are We Dealing With Raccoons Or Something Else?

When we get a call, first we try to determine what kind of animal we may be dealing with. It is important to understand the different sounds animals make. This helps us determine the species we are dealing with and how best to approach the situation. Also, determining the age of the raccoon is helpful. We have to deal with the situation differently with baby raccoons than we would with an adult raccoon. For information about rats or various other species in your walls, check out Rats And Mice In The Walls In Memphis TN.

How We Capture Raccoons In The Walls

At Apex Wildlife Control we use live cage traps and a noose to remove raccoons stuck in walls. A raccoon stuck in a wall can die within two days without food and water. This contributes to a slow and agonizing death, so it is very important to get the animal out as soon as possible. This may seem like an extensive effort to go through to save a wild animal, but it also saves you from having to deal with a decaying animal and terrible odor in your home.

An animal stuck in a small tight space is sluggish and exhausted, and probably will not put up much resistance. The actual animal removal procedure is pretty straightforward. First, the noose is wrapped around the raccoon’s body, under the front legs. This keeps the animal at a distance so it can’t attack the technician while he gets it into the cage. A tired raccoon can be easily moved into a cage. We can then hydrate and feed the raccoons before relocating and releasing them. They may have to fight for territory or find another water source when we relocate them so we try to get them healthy before they reenter the wild.

Baby Raccoons In Your Wall In Cordova TN

If the technicians find that we are dealing with baby raccoons, we try to get to them as soon as possible because we don’t know how long they have been inside the wall. The baby raccoon may have fallen and is hurt. This can happen before it starts to make noise. So by the time it starts making noises, there is no way to tell how long it lay there or when the last time it ate from the mother. We cut out a section of the wall and have a box ready to put the babies in.

Baby raccoons are not aggressive when they are newborns so we can reach in with gloves on and pull them out by hand. They make crying sounds, but they calm down once they are warm in a box or with their other litter mates. Once we rescue them we check to make sure there are no other little ones in the wall area and we may even check in the attic.

When A Raccoon Rehabilitator Is Necessary

At such a young age, the baby raccoons are unable to take care of themselves so we have to find a wildlife rehabilitator who specializes in raccoons. Wildlife rahabilitators are trained to properly feed raccoons and reintroduce them into the wild at the proper time.

Once baby raccoons have been handled by humans mama raccoon will usually reject them and they cannot be returned to her. They are probably still being nursed so they will have to be bottle-fed, slowly transitioned to regular food, and then taught to forage. It is a slow process. If you ever see a raccoon in your yard, we advise you do not try to get rid of it yourself unless you are certain there are no babies in the attic or walls of your home.

After we have safely extracted the raccoon or babies from the wall, it is recommended you get a full interior and exterior inspection. You need to know how they are getting in and out of your home so this doesn’t happen again. If one raccoon has gained access to your home, more will surely follow.

So call Apex today to learn about our ONE YEAR WARRANTY on exclusions for your home. So if you have raccoons in your wall in Cordova TN, give us a call today! We will be happy to help with any of your problem wildlife needs!

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