Are Rats In Your Pipes In Bartlett TN?

Are rats in your pipes in Bartlett TN? Every homeowner is aware that older homes will creak and groan with the passage of time, and newer homes will begin to settle with temperature fluctuations. There are different reasons behind all the different types of noises that houses can make, but how do you know when sounds are normal sounds that the house is making or if it is something entirely different? There are signs and sounds to look and listen for if you suspect the noises you hear might possibly be rats in your pipes.

When Do You Hear Noises? What Do They Sound Like?

Pipes will creak from time to time. If it is happening consistently then keep a record of the times that you hear the sounds. Listen closely. Is the sound like something is running or scratching? Sounds heard early in the morning or late at night then are a sign of rodents. Rats are nocturnal which means you will most likely hear them during the night. For additional information about rodents in your walls, click here.

Rats will hide to avoid being noticed if there is a lot of activity in the home. Look around to see if you can locate where the sounds are coming from. Do you see any chew marks or cracked pipes?

Diseases And Bacteria Associated With Rats

Having rats in your pipes is a terrible problem to have to deal with, but there are additional problems that deal with health concerns. Rat fecal is ladened with bacteria and bacteria can cause infections. It is possible for us to come into contact with rat fecal at any time when we drink water, shower/bathe, wash clothes, and rinse our food and dishes on a regular basis. Remember, it was rats that caused the plagues that wiped out millions of people before vaccines! Fortunately, in this day and age we have good doctors and vaccines to help us when we become sick, but it is still possible to become ill by coming into contact with harmful bacteria.

Are Rats Chewing Through Your Pipes?

There are a number of things that can cause a pipe to burst such as a leak, rotted piping, and also from rats chewing through PVC pipes. A damaged pipe can create a slow leak, or depending upon the severity a damaged pipe, a fast leak. A slow leak may sound like it would be better. However, in reality a slow leak has the potential to do even more damage than a burst pipe. A slow leak in the right place can go unnoticed for quite some time. Constant moisture in an area also provides the perfect climate for mold to grow and thrive.

When a leak becomes visible it has likely spread to a larger area which can cause
wood to rot among other things. A fast leak or pipe burst is not ideal but at least the problem and the damage will be noticed immediately. New flooring or sheet rock may be required. However, both scenarios can be very costly and will impact a family.

Rats Are Excellent Swimmers!

One may ask, how do rats gain access to a home through water-filled pipes? Certain types of rats are made for water! These are the Norway rats. They use their long tails as a rudder, paddle their feet, and tread water with ease. Their bodies are made to tread water for long periods of time, and they can hold their breath for up to 3 minutes. They actually thrive in water and will travel mostly through sewer systems into homes and water pipes. It can be quite difficult at times to identify where the rats are actually coming from. It is best to contact a wildlife professional when you notice the first signs of rats or mice either in your pipes or under your home.

Rat Reproduction Rates

A successful rat pairing can produce up to 1,500 rat babies in a year! They can have litters every month. The babies reach sexual maturity in a month, start to mate, and produce their own litters. You will often hear people refer to rat or mice problems as an infestation, and this is why. It is a bad situation that can quickly become worse. Cracked or clogged pipes, health concerns from fecal droppings and urine contamination, mold, rotted wood and structural damage are just a sampling of what can happen. Thus, you should not want to wait until rats have overrun your home before seeking help from a wildlife professional.

How Apex Wildlife Control Can Help With Rats In Your Pipes In Bartlett TN

Apex Wildlife Control will schedule a wildlife technician to conduct a full inspection of the interior and exterior of your home not only to locate the problem areas but also to provide you with desperately needed solutions to the problem. As the technician conducts his inspection he will take pictures of the damages that he finds, locate any possible and actual entry points, and upon conclusion of his inspection he will provide you with a quote for trapping services and the sealing of your home in just under two hours. We believe that knowledge is power, and we want you to feel that the power is in your hands when it comes to your home.

We offer a one-year warranty on all of our full exclusion services. In fact, we believe so strongly in our exclusion process and our wildlife technicians that we will issue a DOUBLE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied with our work! So if you think you may have rats in your pipes in Bartlett TN, call us today!

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