Bat Removal In Memphis, TN

Bats tend to get into small places and high places! Bat Exterminators is really NOT the right word to use – we perform HUMANE bat removal and we guarantee our work.

Can I get rid of bats myself?

  • It’s absolutely possible to get rid of bats yourself. However, please keep in mind that this is not an easy process. It involves locating and sealing any potential and actual points of entry. Also, keep in mind you cannot trap bats. Bat guano is another problem. Cleaning up bat guano is a very dangerous job. Cleaning bat guano is best left to a professional.

Are there baby bats?

Female Bat With Young
  • There may be. It depends on the species and the time of year. The rule of thumb is: “May-July let them fly!”

How much does bat removal cost?

  • Memphis bat removal costs can be expensive to perform. The reason is that you have to completely seal all potential and actual points of entry. Also, you have the issue of Bat Guano that will need to be removed once the bats are gone. We base our fees on the amount of work that needs to be done.

4. Will Bats Attack Me?

  • Bats don’t want to attack you. That’s just something you see in the movies to sell tickets. There’s really nothing wrong with bats. Bu sometimes a colony will choose your house or building as a roosting site.
  • Bats require specific conditions. They want to live in a hot, dry, place which is high enough off the ground to allow for flight clearance, and be safe from predators. Your attic or chimney is perfect! This would be okay, except that bats leave their droppings (guano) behind, and they live a long time, and stay in the same roost for decades, if possible. Left untreated, a colony of bats can grow to huge numbers.

Will Bat Repellent Work?

  • There is no such thing as an effective bat repellent. Many companies sell the same product over and over, but marketed toward each possible nuisance animal. Other companies sell devices that emit high-pitch sounds, again marketed for all wildlife species. These products absolutely will not affect bat behavior.
  • It is ILLEGAL, not to mention incredibly messy, dangerous, and unethical to kill bats. Please do not attempt to kill bats. It is so much easier, and so much more effective to do a live exclusion. Not to mention legal, neat and ethical.
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