Coyote Removal and Trapping in Memphis, TN

Apex Wildlife Control can help with your coyote removal needs! Coyotes are some of the smartest animals in nature.  Trapping performed by untrained personnel may educate the coyote making the professionals job much harder.  

There are not many good coyote trappers doing this as part of their business operations as it can be labor intensive.

trapped coyote
Trapped coyote.
coyote trapping
Coyote Trapping

Are There Coyotes In The City Of Memphis?

Coyotes are very adaptable, hardy canines that can be found not only in the country, but in rural areas as well.   Its not unusual to find coyotes in city parks and apartment complexes. Coyote sightings have been reported in almost every area of Shelby County.

How Do I Know If Its A Coyote?

Coyotes look somewhat like a small, wiry German Shepherd with a thick, grayish yellow coat and large, upright triangular ears. They have a black nose, long legs, and a long tail with a black tip which the coyote holds down as it runs.  Coyotes have a wild look to them and avoid human interaction.

Can I Trap A Coyote On My Own?

Did you know that coyotes can see six times better than man? Their sense of smell is 23 times better, and they can run up to an astonishing 30 miles per hour! Good luck trying to sneak up on a coyote! These are wild animals, and they will defend themselves if they feel threatened. Coyote removal is definitely best left up to professionals.

Breeding And Gestation

Coyotes breed in February and March. Gestation typically lasts around 60 days, and the females typically give birth to a litter of 5-7 puppies.  Coyote pups begin to open their eyes around 8 days and learn to hunt between 8 and 12 weeks old. Both adults help care for the young.

What Can I Do To Discourage Coyotes?


Whatever you do, DO NOT FEED COYOTES! When coyotes begin associating humans with the food, they lose their natural fears and may become dangerous. Follow the following guidelines to discourage the presence of coyotes around your home. Eliminate any water sources.  These areas attract rodents, birds, and snakes which the coyote will prey upon.

Bird Feeders

Position bird feeders so coyotes can not get to the feed.  Coyotes may also be attracted to birds and small mammals that have been lured in by the feeder.


Do not discard edible garbage. Coyotes are opportunistic and will eat any table scraps.  Secure garbage containers.  Use trash barrels with lids that clamp down tight even when tipped over. Do not place trash cans out the night before scheduled pick-up.  Placing cans out in the morning before pick-up will give coyotes less time to scavenge. They will not have the cover of darkness. To read about other animals attracted by garbage, click here.


Do not leave barbecue grill outside and uncovered. The smell of the grill and the contents of the grills drip pan attracts coyotes.

Pet Food

Feed pets indoors whenever possible.  Remove any leftovers if feeding outdoors.   Store pet food in areas not accessible to other animals.


Clear brush and weeds from around property. This deprives the coyote’s prey (small mammals and birds) of the protective cover and deters coyote from hunting around your property. A fenced yard may deter coyotes, but the fence must be at least 6 feet high and the bottom of the fence should extend 6 inches below ground level to discourage digging.

Small Children And Pets

Do not leave small children outside alone if coyotes have been frequenting the area. Do not allow pets to run free.  Provide secure housing especially at night.  Small pets (cats, rabbits, small dogs) are favorite prey of coyotes.


Discourage coyotes from frequenting your area. Harass them by throwing rocks, shouting, and making loud noises when one is seen.

Call A Professional

Apex Wildlife Control prides itself on our coyote removal and control services. Call us today and we will be happy to help!

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