Dead Rat In Commercial Business In Germantown TN

Do you have a dead rat in a commercial business in Germantown TN? Imagine sitting down for a meal in a nice restaurant and seeing a rat run by. Bye-bye appetite and bye-bye otherwise excellent restaurant ratings. Imagine trying to do business with a client in an office only to be overwhelmed by a foul, sickening odor of a dead rat. Bye-bye client!

A Dead Rat In A Commercial Business Can Ruin Your Reputation

A business known for rat infestation will find it nearly impossible to regain its reputation. Before a rat sighting ruins your business, check for any evidence. Rats will seem to come out of nowhere. However, before anyone sees a rat, evidence can point to the problem. Has anyone reported hearing scratching or gnawing sounds in the walls or ceiling? Have you noticed any black pellets in the cabinets or corners of the office? For more information about rats in your walls, click here.

The black pellets are most likely rat droppings. Rats will crawl through the smallest of spaces and up and down walls. When rats get inside the wall, they may sometimes get stuck in a small space or fall into a crevice. Once stuck, a rodent will die quicker than you realize from dehydration and exhaustion.

How Do You Know If You Have A Dead Rat In A Commercial Business in Germantown TN?

If you hear stationary scratching or chewing noises, you should act fast. Locating a noisy live rat is far easier than finding a silent or dead one. A newly deceased rat will start to decay and smell very quickly. Does a decaying rat smell different from some decaying food left in a hidden office trash can? Actually, not really. Many people don’t automatically assume a dead rat is the source of a bad odor.

Once you have determined the overwhelming odor is not from forgotten food, etc., you will need professional help. Apex Wildlife Control has a dead animal removal and deodorization service for our customers that goes above and beyond the need.

Our Company Is Always Discrete In Dealing With A Rat In A Commercial Business In Germantown TN

Our company always exercises discretion when dealing with Germantown commercial buildings. At Apex, we understand that having a wildlife control company on your property may look to your clients.

We try to work with your schedule when it comes to your specific office hours. We even offer an emergency after-hour service so no one will know we were there. The technicians get to work as soon as they arrive and try to find where the smell is strongest. Once we have located the primary area, we use small drills and boroscopes to access the area.

So Where Do We Normally Find Dead Rats?

A rat that dies will usually fall to the bottom of the wall. Once we locate the dead rat, we will remove it and deodorize the area. We use special deodorization equipment that releases a mist of disinfectant to attack and neutralize odor-causing particles in the air. For more information about rats in the walls, click here.

Instead of weeks of a foul odor, our deodorizer neutralizes the odor within a few days. Trust me, your staff will really appreciate this service.

Do not try to mask or cover the odor before our technician arrives to check it out. We use the odor to lead us to the rat. While we cannot guarantee that we will find a dead rat, we will use all our expertise to identify and rectify the cause of the offensive odor.

How Many Rats Are We Talking About?

One dead rat in a commercial building means there are many more in hiding. Rats live in colonies and they procreate faster than any other wild animal. Two rats can have up to 1,500 babies in a single year! If you have seen rats in your commercial property, an inspection is the first step you need to take.

Rat Damage And What To Look For

Rats can chew through electrical wiring and HVAC duct-work, and they can endanger everyone’s health. Rats can carry many bacteria and diseases that will easily spread. Apex Wildlife Control does inside and outside inspections for all types of commercial properties.

Our technician will go into the attics and crawl spaces looking for droppings to verify the species. They will then check for chewed wiring, damage to the HVAC and duct-work, as well as any urine damage to insulation.

External Rat Inspection Of A Commercial Property

Then our technician will begin the outside inspection. From the foundation to the roof, the technician will look for all potential and actual entry points. He will take pictures throughout the inspection. We will show you the damages as well as how the rodents are getting into your property. We will recommend the best way to seal your building from rat re-entry.

If you want to choose Apex Wildlife Control for the Exclusion Service, we warranty our work against species re-entry for one year (with option to renew). This warranty applies only to clients who choose our full Exclusion Service. Give us a call today and we will be glad to help!

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