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Dead Rat In Your Business
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Dead Rat In Your Business In Collierville TN

Dead Rat In Your Business In Collierville TN - That TERRIBLE Smell!

Locating a potential dead rat in your office or warehouse requires keen observation. Usually, a strong, unpleasant odor will lead you to the location. Examine areas where rats might seek shelter or hide, such as corners, behind furniture or heavy equipment, or near entry points. Also, watch for an increase in insect activity, as this could indicate a rat carcass nearby. 

If the rat is not removed and the location deodorized, it can take months for the smell to go away on its own. If you are unable to locate the dead rat, call Apex Wildlife Control. Our technicians use tools like Boroscopes to locate and remove dead rats in hidden crevices. Timely investigation ensures a clean and productive office environment.

Rat Traps And Removal In Collierville TN - Trapping VS Poison

Choosing between trapping and poison for rat control in an office or warehouse involves careful consideration. Trapping, though requiring more effort, is targeted and avoids risks of toxic exposure to humans or other animals. It also prevents odor issues from rats dying in inaccessible spots. 

On the other hand, poison might seem convenient, but it carries hazards and might lead to rats dying in hard-to-reach places. Moreover, it can pose risks if accidentally ingested by pets or children. Prioritizing safety, effectiveness, and environmental impact, trapping emerges as a wiser choice for maintaining a pest-free workspace.

Professional Rat Removal In Collierville TN - The Wonderful Boroscope

A Boroscope proves invaluable in uncovering elusive culprits like deceased rats within an office or warehouse setting. With its slender, flexible probe and miniature camera, this tool can navigate confined spaces that are otherwise inaccessible. 

By inserting the Boroscope into crevices, air ducts, or wall voids, our technician can visually inspect remote areas, swiftly pinpointing rodent remains. This method saves time and minimizes disruption in your office. Once the technician has removed the dead rat, he will deodorize the area with an industrial disinfectant, restoring peace to the workplace.  So if you’ve noticed a terrible odor that may be a dead rat lurking somewhere in your walls, call us today!  We are here to help!

Dead Rat In Your Business In Collierville TN - Bad For Business!

A deceased rat lurking within an office spells disturbing consequences for business operations. The stinky odor of a decomposing rat creates an unpleasant environment, adversely impacting employee morale and productivity. Clients and visitors may be repelled. The risk of disease transmission escalates, posing health hazards to staff. Furthermore, the presence of a dead rat hints at poor sanitation, raising concerns about maintenance standards.

Addressing this issue demands time and resources, diverting focus from core tasks. It is imperative that swift removal and preventive measures are instituted. Apex Wildlife Control is here to help. Our technicians will not only remove the dead  rat, but will also deodorize the area of the dead rat’s final resting place. So if you have a dead rat somewhere in your office or warehouse, call us today for a FREE QUOTE!

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