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Dead Rat In Your Business
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Dead Rat In Your Business In Olive Branch MS

Rat Removal In Olive Branch MS - That HORRIBLE SMELL!

The unpleasant odor resulting from a dead rat in your restaurant can quickly ruin the dining experience for your patrons. It not only creates discomfort but also raises concerns about hygiene and cleanliness. Customers, once exposed to such a situation, may associate your restaurant with negative impressions, potentially leading to reduced foot traffic, poor reviews, and a decline in business.

Needless to say, a terrible dead animal smell in an office environment or even a retail location can turn away potential customers, and make you and your employees sick as well.  At Apex Wildlife Control, our technicians are trained to deal with these stinky situations.  So if you have a dead rodent you need removed, call us today.  We are here to help!

Rat Exterminators In Olive Branch MS - Using Traps Or Poison?

While poison baits can effectively eliminate rats, they often result in rats dying within inaccessible areas, leading to lingering smells and potential disruptions to your operations. Traps offer a more controlled and manageable solution, allowing you to promptly remove caught rats and prevent the discomfort of decaying rodents.
Furthermore, traps offer enhanced safety for both your employees and customers. Poison baits carry the risk of accidental exposure, while traps provide a safer alternative.

By opting for traps, you demonstrate a commitment to both effective pest control and the well-being of those in your business environment.  At Apex Wildlife Control, we use lethal snap traps instead of poison, ensuring that we are able to locate and remove all dead rats from your home.

Rat Pest Control In Olive Branch MS - The Wonderful Boroscope

Maintaining the integrity of your business is important, and addressing challenges like dead rats hidden within your premises requires innovative solutions. As an exterminator dedicated to your success, I want to highlight the valuable role of boroscopes in locating and removing deceased rodents.

Boroscopes, flexible optical devices, offer a non-intrusive means of peering into confined spaces such as walls or ceilings. Our technicians will thread a boroscope through a small hole drilled near the bottom of your wall.  Once the rodent is located, it can be removed with minimal disruption.

Afterward, the technician will spray the area with a commercial deodorizer created specifically for this type of situation.  Although our technicians do not repair the holes, most local handyman can repair these holes quite cheaply.

Professional Rat Removal In Olive Branch MS - Do I Have A Rat Infestation?

Droppings are often the first telltale sign, especially around food storage areas. Gnaw marks on wires, packaging, or structural materials reflect rats’ constant chewing to maintain their teeth. Unusual noises, like scratching or scampering sounds, may indicate their presence, particularly during quieter hours.

 Droppings and urine in your insulation, and grease marks on more populated trails in your business are also a sure sign of rodents.  Outdoor burrows or chewed entry points may signify their access routes. If possible, look around your trash cans or dumpsters at night for signs of these nocturnal creatures.

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