Dead Rat In Your Home In Arlington TN?

Do you have a dead rat in your home in Arlington TN? Are you smelling foul odors in your home even after you have cleaned and taken out the trash? If you have been hearing scratching noises, there is a very good chance rats are in your walls or attic. If you do hear noises, it is always best to get a professional to come and inspect your home. Keep a detailed log of when and where you hear the noises. If the noises you hear seem to stay in one place, then the rat may be stuck. If a rat is stuck in a wall, it can die quickly from exhaustion and dehydration.

Don’t Mask The Smell Of Dead Rats In Your Home

If you have a dead rat in your home in Arlington TN, it will be much harder to find than a live one. Live rats make noises that allow us to track them. It is much easier to locate a live rat than a dead rat. For more information about rats in your walls, click here.

Dead rats only provide an odor for us to follow. Make sure that you do not burn candles prior to our arrival. This will mask the scent and prevent us from locating the rat. We understand that you do not want to smell it. However, the rat is much easier to locate when we don’t have to compete with other strong scents.

Dead Rats In The Home Are More Common Than You Think

A rat gaining access to your home is more common that you may think. Rats typically gain access to seek shelter, to mate or nest. They may also be seeking shelter from other predators. This often happens when there is an overabundance of wildlife in the area.

Rat Reproduction Rates Are Incredible!

Either way, this is bad news for you. Rats in particular mate at an alarming rate because they have litters throughout the year. A successful rat pair can birth to up to 1500 young in a year. Small rats can easily fall into crevices and get stuck. Once this happens, it is easy for them to die inside the wall.

Dead Animal Deodorization And Emergency Service

Apex Wildlife Control offers dead animal removal and deodorization services for both commercial properties and residential homes. In most cases we are able to schedule clients within one to two business days. However, during our busy season, this may take slightly longer.

We also offer after-hours and emergency services for additional fees. When our technician arrives, he will inspect and locate the area where the odor is the strongest in your home. He will inspect your attic and wall spaces as well.

Locating The Dead Rat In Your Home In Arlington TN

If the technician is able to narrow down the rat’s location, he will drill tiny holes at the bottom of the wall. He will insert a Boroscope camera to look and see if he can get a visual of the dead rat. The technician will spend up to 45 minutes searching for the deceased animal. (Clients may request additional searching time for an additional fee.)

Locating a dead rat in the wall is the tricky part, but once the technician finds it, the rest is pretty easy and quick. He retrieves the dead rat by slightly enlarging the hole. He will clean up any remaining parts and remove in a bag. Finally, after all the clean-up is complete, he will set up a deodorizing machine to emits an odor-neutralizing particle mist. Instead of smelling a sickening dead rat odor for weeks, we will have it neutralized typically within 24 to 48 hours.

As great as this service is, there is no guarantee with it. The rat may get stuck and die in an area that is inaccessible. We try to do as little damage as possible when it comes to extracting rodents from homes and businesses.

Be Sure To Get A Full Inspection Following The Animal Removal

Apex Wildlife Control strongly suggests that if you have a dead rat issue in your home that you schedule a full inspection. Where there is one rat, there are more. We can do this inspection service the same day as the removal of the dead rat. If not convenient, we can make an appointment for another time so you don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s completely up to you.

Our technicians will go into your attic and check for fecal droppings to determine and verify the species. They will check for chewed wiring, damage to your HVAC or duct work, and urine damage to your insulation. You will receive pictures with all of their findings showing you any damage made by the rats.

Afterward, the technicians will check from the bottom of your foundation to the top of your roof for all possible and actual entry points. They will take pictures and show you how the rodents are getting in and out of your home. That same day, they will provide a detailed quote showing work needed to seal your home and costs for each area. This quote will include the cost of trapping and exclusion. A full inspection of your home takes about 45 minutes. The technicians will fully explain what needs to be done to solve your rodent problem.

Our Wildlife Warranty and Double Money Back Guarantee

Apex Wildlife Control offers special guarantees that other wildlife companies do not have. You receive a one-year warranty with all full exclusion services, as well as a DOUBLE MONEY-BACK guarantee! These services alone are amazing and putting them together illustrates that we know and believe in our work so much that we are willing to bet on it. Please give us a call today. One of our staff members will tell you about all the different services we provide. We can solve your wildlife needs and help your day get better! We look forward to talking to you. We can’t wait to tell you all about our company!

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