Dead Rat In Your Home In Bartlett TN?

Do you have a dead rat in your home in Bartlett, TN? Do you continue to notice foul odors inside your home even after you have cleaned and taken out the garbage? Have you heard scratching noises, too? The chances are very good that you have wildlife animals in the walls or attic of your home. Whenever you hear scratching or chewing noises inside your home it is best to have a wildlife professional perform a thorough inspection of your home and property. Apex Wildlife Control are the wildlife professionals to call for all of your wildlife needs. We will send a wildlife technician to your home to perform an inspection, promptly identify the species involved, and provide you with options solve the problem.

It is helpful to keep a log of any details of when and in what part of your home that you are hearing noises. If the noises you are hearing seem only to come from one place, a wall for instance, then it is possible that an animal may be stuck in the wall. If it cannot remove itself from the wall it can quickly die from dehydration.

Don’t Mask The Smell Of A Dead Rat In Your Home In Bartlett TN

Dead rats in a home are much more difficult to locate than living ones. Living animals will make noises that allow us to more easily track them. For more information about rats in your walls, click here.

In the case of a dead rat the foul stench is the only way that a dead animal can be located. You do not want to burn candles or use deodorizers of any kind prior to our arrival that will mask the scent. We understand that you do not want to continue to smell the animal, but it will make it much easier to locate when we don’t have to compete with other strong scents.

Dead Rats In The Home Are More Common Than You Think

It is more common than you may realize for wildlife animals to gain access to your home. They may be seeking shelter from the weather or predator animals, for breeding, or nesting which usually happens when there is an overabundance of wildlife in the area. Whatever the reason, this is bad news for you.

Rat Reproduction Rates Are Incredible!

Rats procreate at an alarming rate due to the fact that they can breed again just one month after they deliver a litter. Couple that with the babies reaching sexual maturity at one month of age and it’s not feat for the average rat pairing to produce upwards of 1500 baby rats annually!

Dead Animal Deodorization And Emergency Service

It is easy for a rat to fall into a crevice and become stuck. When this happens it is also easy for the rat to die inside a wall. Apex Wildlife Control provides a dead animal deodorization service. We remove dead animals and perform deodorization services for both commercial and residential homes alike. Generally, we are able to schedule the removal and deodorization services within 1 to 2 business days. However, during the busy season scheduling this can take a little longer.

Apex Wildlife Controls does offer after-hours and emergency services for an additional fee. Our wildlife technician will inspect your home to locate the area where the smell is the strongest. The technicians will also conduct an inspection of your attic and wall cavities.

Locating The Dead Rat In Your Home In Bartlett TN

Should our technician be unable to narrow down the location of the rat in the wall then we will drill tiny holes at the bottom of the wall to insert a Boroscope camera for a look behind the wall to determine if they can see the dead animal. The technician will actually search for the animal for up to 45 minutes. It is possible for clients to request additional search time for an additional fee.

The tricky part is locating the dead animal, but once it is found then everything else is fairly quick and easy. The dead rat is retrieved from the wall through a hole in the wall. We clean out any remains and place them in a bag for removal by us. Once the clean-up is completed we set up a deodorizing machine that emits an odor-neutralizing particle mist. Rather than smelling that horrible dead animal stench for weeks we can typically have the odor neutralized within 24 to 48 hours.

There is no guarantee that we will be able to locate the dead animal in your wall. The area where the animal got stuck and died may be inaccessible. Overall, we try to do as little damage as possible when it comes to extracting animals from the walls of homes and businesses.

Be Sure To Get A Full Inspection Following The Animal Removal

Apex Wildlife Control strongly recommends that you have a full interior and exterior inspection of your property performed if you have a dead animal issue in your home. Typically, if there is one animal there will be more. We can perform the inspection on the same day as we remove the dead animal. Of course, you can schedule an appointment for the inspection on another day so that you are not overwhelmed; it’s completely up to you.

For the interior inspection our wildlife technician will go from the crawl space to your attic to check for fecal droppings to determine and verify the species of animal involved. The technician will be checking for chewed wires, damage to the HVAC or duct work, and damage to your insulation caused by urine. Along the way the technician will take pictures of the damage he finds. Upon completion of the inspection he will review the pictures with you and discuss all the damage the wildlife has done thus far.

Afterward the interior inspection, the technician will perform the exterior inspection from the bottom of your foundation to the top of your roof for all possible and actual points of entry. The technician will take pictures to show you how the animals are gaining access in and out of your home. They will then provide you with a detailed quote of the cost for the work necessary in each area to seal your home. The quote includes the cost of trapping and exclusion. The full inspection takes approximately one and a half to two hours, and we will explain what needs to be accomplished to solve the wildlife problem.

Our Wildlife Warranty and Double Money Back Guarantee

Apex Wildlife Control offers a warranty and special guarantees that other wildlife companies simply do not offer. Our guarantees include a 1-year warranty with all full exclusion services, the Double Money-back guarantee, and the Fort Knox guarantee. Our wildlife services alone are amazing, but putting them together with our warranty and guarantees simply shows that we know and believe in our work so strongly that we are willing to bet on it.

Give Apex Wildlife Control a call today at 901-598-8555 to let our staff explain the different wildlife services we provide. We can assist in making your day better by solving your wildlife needs. We are here to help and look forward to your call!

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