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Dead Rat In Your Home In Southaven MS

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Dead Rat In Your Home In Southaven MS

Rat Removal Services In Southaven MS - That Terrible Smell!

The smell of a dead rat can be nauseating! Some folks actually have to get out of the house until the dead rat is removed. If you have used poison to control your rat problem, it could mean a dead rat has died in a wall, ceiling void, or even an air duct!

If the dead animal is within an air duct, the terrible odor is broadcast throughout your home. If it has fallen down within the walls, the final resting place is usually at the bottom of  the inside of the wall between the studs. It is much more difficult to locate a dead rat than a live one. Live rats make noise that our technicians can trace, but dead ones … well, they just stink!

Rat Exterminators In Southaven MS - Trapping VS Poison?

Many pest control companies prefer poison to trapping when it comes to rat control. In severe rodent infestation situations, poison certainly offers a faster result than trapping.  Unfortunately, poisoned rats do not always die outside! Poisoned rodents can die inside your home, often in inaccessible areas such as behind large appliances or in the walls or ceilings. Also keep in mind that domestic pets and other animals can accidentally ingest the poison — or even eat a poisoned rodent. This could have tragic consequences for a beloved pet.  Apex Wildlife Control uses lethal snap traps. The rats are killed instantly and easy to find still in the trap. Our technician will remove the trap and rat together, and dispose of both the rat and the trap. We never reuse traps!

DIY Rat Removal In Southaven MS - Harmful To Your Health

Rats pose significant health risks to humans. Rodents are carriers of various diseases, making them a threat to public health. Rat infestations can lead to the transmission of diseases like leptospirosis, hantavirus, and salmonellosis through contact with their urine, feces, or bites. Rats can contaminate food and water sources, leading to foodborne illnesses. Inhalation of dried airborne feces and urine particles can trigger allergies and asthma in individuals. These health hazards extend beyond physical well-being, causing stress and anxiety due to the fear of infestations. Efforts to control rat populations and maintain proper hygiene are crucial to safeguarding your health and preventing the negative consequences associated with these harmful rodents.

How To Get Rid Of Rats In Southaven MS - Rat Infestations

Rat infestation in a home poses serious health and structural risks. Rodents carry diseases, contaminate food, and damage property by gnawing on wires and structures. Swift action is essential to prevent their rapid reproduction and spread. Effective strategies include sealing entry points, eliminating food sources, and using traps or professional extermination. Ignoring the issue can lead to increased health hazards and higher costs for repairs. A proactive approach, coupled with proper sanitation, is vital to ensure a rat-free living environment. Safeguarding against infestations promotes well-being and safeguards the integrity of your home. If you think you have rats in your home, call Apex Wildlife Control.

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