Dead Rodents In The Wall In Bartlett TN?

Do you have dead rodents in your wall in Bartlett, TN?

The odor of a dead animal is an indescribable smell that can last for weeks or sometimes for months. Coming home to a foul odor from a dead animal can turn even the toughest stomach queasy. It definitely must be done, but who wants to clean up a nasty, dead, bacteria-ladened animal? This is a job that is worth calling a professional to handle the situation. This is a job for Apex Wildlife Control!

Dead Animal Removal And Deodorization Service

Apex Wildlife Control offers dead animal removal and deodorization services. It is a service designed to rid your home of that foul stench in mere hours rather than weeks. Our wildlife technician will come to your home in an effort to locate where the odor is the strongest. The technician will drill small holes at the bottom of your wall. He will then use a Boroscope to look behind the wall to locate the dead animal. It may be necessary for the technician to drill multiple holes if they have an issue locating the animal. For more information about rats and mice in your walls, click here.

Inspection For Dead Rodents In The Wall In Bartlett TN

The technician will conduct his search for 45 minutes in an effort to locate the dead animal. A client can request that the search continue for a longer period of time for an extra fee. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to locate and remove the dead animal. Sometimes the rodents are located in small, unreachable areas of the wall. When the carcass has been removed then a deodorizer is used to eliminate the smell. Apex Wildlife Control does not perform carpentry work, but we can refer someone to patch up your wall again. The customer assumes responsibility for any damages necessary to remove to the dead animal.

Rodent Infestations In Suburban Areas

Too many rats in an area will tend to cause the rodents to fight each other and even kill for territory. Thus, it is common to have dead animal problems, and a large majority of the calls we receive deal with dead rodents in walls. Rodents can crawl into small spaces and climb most areas with their sharp claws.

Rodent Diseases And Bacteria

Rodents are carriers of bacteria caused diseases. Once rats are inside your home they can easily contaminate your environment. In addition, rats also carry ticks, fleas, and parasites making rats a major health risk. Remember, it was rats that caused the plague that killed millions before proper medical care and vaccines were developed. The symptoms and signs of a contracted infection to watch for are the same as symptoms for the common cold or flu. If you are aware that you have rodents and you or family members become ill then you should seek medical attention.

Exterior Inspection For Dead Rodents In Your Walls In Bartlett TN

The quickest way to determine the species of animal involved is to look in your attic for fecal droppings. Check the insulation as this is where rats will often nest because it is soft and warm. If your attic is one that happens to be inaccessible to people, check around the foundation and roof line on the outside of your home for chew marks as well as any actual or potential access points. It is not at all uncommon to see one or more golf ball size holes that rats have chewed allowing them access to the inside of your home.

Things You Can Do To Reduce Attracting Rodents

To reduce the ability for rodents to gain access to the inside of your home there are some preventative measures that you can take on your own. For instance, cut back any trees or bushes that are close to the sides of your home or low hanging branches that are hanging over the roof.

Check to ensure that no trash or leftover foods are left on the ground that could be attracting rodents to your property, including leftover dog or cat food from feeding your pets outside. The only way to ensure that an animal cannot get into your home with the potential to die somewhere inside is to do exclusion work which is sealing all the potential and actual access points, cracks and crevices, so that no areas remain open for them to gain access.

Call Apex Wildlife Control at 901-598-8555 if you need to have rats removed from your home. We are here for all your wildlife needs and will be glad to help!

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