Honeybee Removal Memphis TN

Are you experiencing problems with honey bees and live in the Memphis TN area? Do you hear buzzing coming from your walls or ceiling but don’t see any bees? If so, you’ve found the right company for your honeybee removal needs!

Apex Wildlife Control has been providing the following services for more than fifteen years. These services include:

  • Honey Bee Removal
  • Honey Bee Control
  • Honey Bee Hive Removal
  • Honey Bee Swarm Removal

Facts About Honeybee Removal

A honey bee colony consists of a queen, worker bees, and drones. The worker bees can often be seen carrying yellow sacks of pollen on their back legs. Drones cannot sting, but worker bees will sting once and leave the stinger. Honey bees are typically gentle and are not prone to attack.

A healthy colony can live in a place for years, even decades. A honey bee colony of one or two years old can consist of 60,000 plus bees and have up to a 50-100 lbs of honey in its hive. Older colonies can grow even bigger.

Honey Bees provide a unique example of what it means to be a truly social insect. As wonderful and necessary as honey bees are, they can also be very destructive and dangerous. In nature, honey bees typically do not pose much of a problem for mankind.

But It’s Not All Honey And Flowers…

Honeybees can be very dangerous for the homeowner. This typically happens when honey bees move into a more urban setting. They take up residence in our homes rather than in tree holes. When this happens, honey bees can build extremely large and intricate honey bee hives in the interior walls of your home.

What’s worse is these hives can be maintained for up to ten years. Once a hive has left, they can sour and cause horrible odors. They can also attract rats, and various other insects. It’s vitally important that if you begin hearing buzzing sounds in your walls that you take care of it immediately with honeybee removal. A failure to do so could cause a significant amount of further damage and costs thousands more to remedy the problem.

Honeybee Removal Process

At Apex Wildlife Control, we have a seven-step process to ensure that each client has an amazing experience with our honey bee removal service. This process involves:

  • Performing an onsite evaluation of the residential or commercial property involved.
  • Determining the species of bee.
  • Locating all the points of entry.
  • Assessing any damages that the animal may have caused.
  • Removing the bee and hive.
  • Sealing the property.
  • Providing a standard one year warranty on all work performed.

During our consultation, we will report back to the homeowner or business owner with our findings. During this consultation, we will discuss with them what it will take to completely seal the property to assure no future occurrence and begin the honey bee removal process.

So if you have honey bee problems and are in need of honeybee removal, contact us today. You’ll be glad you did!

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