Wildlife Control Inspections

If you hear an animal in the attic or noises that sound like something walking around in the attic call us to figure out what is going on up there! A typical inspection of a wildlife control problem results in us walking around the exterior to identify points of access, and going into the attic to have a look around as well. Sometimes can easily see the point of entry from both points of view. Not every animal inspection is the same and our methods are determined by the type of animal and the type of construction.

Exterior Home Inspection for Wildlife Removal Services

Rodent entry through a hole in the roof.

Exterior Inspections

An exterior animal removal inspection allows us to identify all points of access either to the attic or the roof itself. We look for ways that an animal goes from outside of the structure to the inside. This could mean a simple walk around, or getting up on the roof, which is often the case. If you have a two story roof, don’t worry we have experience and are heavily insured. Safety is a priority, if it isn’t a safe we will not do it. We look for holes in the roof, the walls, and the base of the house. If an animal is getting in from somewhere – we will find it!

Interior Wildlife Removal Inspections

Squirrel damage in roof insulation.

Interior Inspections

Interior inspections often involve us going right up into the attic! We look for roof issues, specifically light coming in at the edges where it is not supposed to be – there are normal areas such as vents but sometimes there are crevices or holes that animals make that allow them to get in. We also look for footprints in the dust on top of the A/C trunk lines, or animal droppings. Animal feces can tell us a lot! We know or “stuff” and can often identify the critter that left it behind. Once we can determine the species, we can set the appropriate traps to help remove them. We have different traps for different animals and sometimes there is more than one species involved! Sometimes a rat will use the same hole a squirrel used to get in.

No matter what is going on our goal is to figure it out and solve the problem. With years of experience, I am sure we can help you! Our prices are reasonable and fair but that doesn’t mean we are the cheapest in town! It means we are the best. APEX Wildlife Control prides itself in delivering outstanding service, give us call today and we’ll take care of your wildlife problem as soon as possible!

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