Mole Removal Memphis TN

Got Moles?

Are you wondering how to get rid of moles from your yard or lawn? Easy, call us! Our mole removal service will trap the moles on your property and will get the job done. Moles are not rodents, they are insectivores. They have a diet that consists primarily of earth worms and grubs. They are very fast at building underground tunnels and have very low oxygen requirements.

Moles mate during the months of February through May. Their gestation period is 42 days. They typically produce 3 to 5 young and have them in March and early April. Moles are not social and only come together to mate. They may have territories that overlap but avoid each other and may fight if they come in contact with one another.

Do I Have Moles Or Voles?

Vole holes are often between 1 and 2 inches in diameter, while mole burrows are often over 2 inches in diameter. Mole tunnel entry points are usually hidden by piles of dirt, while those of voles usually are not. For more information about voles, click here.

Providing Professional Mole Removal in Memphis TN

Mole Removal Process

At Apex Wildlife Control, we have a six step process we use to ensure that each client has an amazing experience with our service. This process involves:

  • Performing an onsite evaluation of the residential or commercial property involved.
  • Determine the species of animal. (Moles or Voles)
  • Locate all Tunnels and holes in the ground.
  • Assess any damages that the animal may have caused. (Tunnels and eaten vegetation)
  • Setting traps.
  • Checking the traps and removing Moles and Voles as captured.

During our consultation, we will report back to the homeowner or business owner with our findings. During this consultation, we will discuss with them what it will take to completely remove the moles and voles.

So if you have mole or vole problems in your lawn or garden, and are in need of a mole and vole removal and control expert, give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did!

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