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Mole Control In Eads TN - Those Pesky Moles!

A beautifully landscaped lawn can quickly be destroyed by moles. Years of hard work are suddenly turned into raised tunnels and multiple piles of soil by a hungry mole that has discovered your yard. 

Moles are small mammals who spend half their lives underground and are basically insect eaters.  Their diet consists primarily of earthworms, but grubs, beetles, spiders, centipedes and other bugs are also on the menu. On average, a mole consumes 40 pounds of insects per year.

Though small in size (about 6-8 inches), an adult male can tunnel up to 80 feet in a day!  They have powerful webbed front feet and prominent digging claws. Actually they are not blind, but have tiny eyes hidden in their fur. Their bodies are covered with unique dense, velvety fur that grows only in one direction (from head to tail) to aid their movement through underground tunnels.

Mole Extermination In Eads TN - Mole Damage

Moles actually do not eat plants, but their tunnels uproot turf and disrupt the roots of vegetables and other plants.  Moles dig tunnels to eat the insects that attack plants and are known as natural aerators. However, when burrowing close to the surface, it can cause harm to grass roots.

Moles routinely scent-mark their tunnels. They produce two types of tunnels … surface (feeding) runways creating raised ridges across your lawn and deep (nesting/living) runways creating mounds of dirt above ground. It’s these tunneling  and excavation activities that disfigure lawns and gardens.

Humane Mole Control In Eads TN - Why Do I Have Moles?

Homeowners often ask, “Why have moles suddenly attacked my yard?”  The main reason moles invade your yard is to search for food. Healthy, rich soil provides these animals with fat earthworms and pest insect larvae.

Mole invasions often occur in the Spring. Mama moles give birth in May to 2-6 babies. If moles in a neighbor’s yard have recently given birth, these babies quickly become independent within one month. In about six weeks, they leave the nest to find their own territory … and the healthy soil in your beautifully landscaped lawn is the target. 

Moles only come together during mating season and avoid each other the rest of the year.  Males are extremely territorial and scent-mark their tunnels. These animals understand that a face-to-face encounter is a fight to the death! 

Mole Control In Eads TN - Plants That Moles HATE!

Fortunately, there are certain plants and flowers that these subterranean pests will go out of their way to avoid. Castor bean plants, with their distinctive odor, emit a repellent scent that moles find unappealing. Daffodils contain toxic compounds that discourage moles from digging nearby. Planting marigolds can also discourage moles due to their strong fragrance. Herbs like garlic and chives not only add flavor to dishes but also have a reputation for repelling moles. Lastly, the vibrant and aromatic lavender is known to keep moles at bay while adding beauty to your landscape. By strategically incorporating these plants into your yard, you can create a natural barrier that helps protect your outdoor spaces from mole damage.

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