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Opossum Removal In Arlington TN

Opossum Trapping In Arlington TN - Opossum Removal

If you live in Arlington, chance are you have seen an opossum or two.  Sometimes they are an unfortunate casualty on the side of the road, and sometimes their cousins will be tipping over your trash cans in search of yummy leftovers.  As a result, homeowners will usually find signs of opossum activity in the morning in the form of their trash scattered about their neighborhood and signs of digging in the lawn for tasty grubs and worms.

At Apex Wildlife Control, our technicians use humane, live traps to trap and remove problem opossums.  We then relocate these little fellows to a wildlife area over twenty miles away from your property.  These opossums are then released to enjoy a happy opossum life in the wild where they belong.


Opossum Trapping In Arlington TN - Opossum Babies

Oh, you poor sweet opossum mama!  Having a couple of kids hanging on you is one thing, but when you have so many that they literally hang off your face….!
Opossum mothers definitely have their work cut out for them.  Their babies are born no larger than the size of a peanut, and make their way up her belly into her pouch.  The babies stay in the pouch until they outgrow it, then they climb onto her back to watch and learn proper opossum behavior and survival.  As they get older, they become too big for her and drop off one by one.  These juvenile opossums are still small, but nature decides when they are old enough to be on their own.  Just because an opossum is small, doesn’t mean its an actual baby in need of rescue.  It’s just still growing up, so let it be.

Opossum Removal In Arlington TN - Opossum Diseases

Many of our clients are frightened of the way opossums look.  Those sharp teeth and a ratlike tail can be a little scary.  But what people really want to know is this.  Do opossums carry diseases?  And can they give them to people?

Unfortunately, yes.  Not only do opossums carry ticks and fleas and other parasites, but they also carry a couple of very deadly diseases.  Leptospirosis will cause flu like symptoms for most people, but can cause kidney damage, meningitis and even death in some cases.  Salmonella is a type of food poisoning, but can also be transmitted by opossums.  Salmonella can make you very sick, and even put you in the hospital.  Children, the elderly, and anyone with a compromised immune system should definitely keep their distance when it comes to opossums.

Opossum Trapping In Arlington TN - Playing Possum?

We have all heard of the term “playing possum”.  But did you know that the opossum isn’t really pretending to play dead? 

These little short-legged fellows have a hard time outrunning a predator, so nature has given them an amazing, yet very stinky talent to help them survive.  When frightened badly enough, opossums will literally collapse into a catatonic state.  They couldn’t get up and run if they tried.  Their eyes will glaze over, their tongues hang out, and their heartbeat will even slow down.  Their bodies will release a terrible odor from scent glands which smells like rotted meat.  Most predators will not eat rotted meat, so the hunter will usually sniff the opossum and walk away in disgust.  After a few moments, the opossum will wake up and go about his happy opossum life.  Such a little faker!

We also perform wildlife trapping in Arlington TN for rats, mice, squirrels, moles,

skunks, raccoons,armadillos and much more. 

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