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Pest Exterminator In Olive Branch MS

Pest Control In Olive Branch MS - Rodent Extermination

Rats and mice are well known for their amazingly fast reproductive skills. These animals are like the overnight guests that never leave.  A female rat can give birth to over 1500 young in just one year!  Ignoring the early signs, like a few scurrying noises, can snowball into an infestation in now time.  

Rats and mice are expert at chewing through gaps and tiny openings in your home to reach your attic. Once they get inside, they will chew your wiring, ruin your insulation, and cause expensive damage to your home. Time is of the essence. Seal entry points, remove tempting food sources, trim back your yard, and call Apex Wildlife Control today. Don’t let these nasty creatures take over your home!

Pest Exterminator In Olive Branch MS - Squirrels In My Attic

Squirrels might seem harmless when jumping from limb to limb in nearby trees,  but sooner or later they will try to access your home.  Squirrels are nature’s demolition experts, gnawing on wires, wood, and even your shingles.  Chewed electrical wiring is a number one cause of house fires in the United States, and we take that very seriously. 
Squirrels will also ruin your insulation with urine and feces, and if there is a nesting mother in your attic you will not only incur more filth, but also loud squeaking and running noises as the babies mature.   Squirrels love to run and play, and they can be very loud when dancing around your attic!

Pest Control In Olive Branch MS - Raccoons In My Attic

Nobody needs a family of raccoons making themselves at home in their attic.  Raccoons are extremely smart, and they are skilled at finding cozy nesting sites like your attic. They’ll use whatever materials they can find to build nests, which can mean trouble for your insulation and energy bills. A raccoon family can quickly ruin your insulation with feces and droppings to the point where an expensive attic restoration is the only way to get rid of the terrible smell.  

If you have baby raccoons in your attic, you may even hear noises like a human baby crying.  If you think you may have raccoons in your attic, give Apex Wildlife Control a call today.  Our technicians are skilled in humanely trapping and relocating your problem raccoons.

Pest Exterminator In Olive Branch MS - Moles And Voles In My Yard

Nothing is more annoying to a gardener than finding ugly tunnels slowly dug through a beautifully landscaped yard.  But how can you be sure if you have moles or voles?  Easy.

Voles will leave round holes approximately 2 inches wide and flat tunnels, and eat only roots and bark.  Moles will leave hills and raised tunnels, and eat worms, grubs and insects.

At Apex Wildlife Control, we understand your frustration with these little pests!  Thanks to modern science, our technicians use a GUARANTEED method of mole and vole removal.  Due to the rapid reproductive rate of voles, we also offer a monthly vole extermination service.  Call today for a FREE QUOTE!

We also perform wildlife trapping in Olive Branch MS for rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, moles, 

skunks, opossums, and much more. 

So if you have some little visitors you need evicted from your home or property, 

give Apex Wildlife Control a call today. 

We are happy to help!

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