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Pest Exterminator In Southaven MS

Pest Control In Southaven MS - Rodent Extermination

When it comes to your home, rats can be more than just a nuisance; they can be a significant problem. These crafty rodents can inflict a range of damages that go beyond simple annoyance. Picture this: chewed wires leading to electrical malfunctions and potential fires, insulation torn apart like confetti, and structural damage weakening your property’s integrity. Their droppings pose health risks, and their presence can attract other pests. 

As wildlife professionals, we’ve seen firsthand the destruction rats can cause.  Sealing entry points, removing food sources, cutting back your trees and bushes will help with your rat problem.  And remember to call Apex Wildlife Control to hear for a FREE QUOTE on our rat trapping services.  Call today!

Pest Exterminator In Southaven MS - Squirrels In My Attic

As wildlife professionals, we’re well aware of the potential health risks associated with squirrel infestations in your home. These seemingly harmless creatures can carry a range of diseases that can pose risks to you and your family. Squirrel droppings, urine, and saliva can transmit diseases like leptospirosis and salmonellosis. Their presence can attract parasites like fleas and ticks, which can also carry diseases. If squirrels find their way into your attic or living spaces, their activities can damage insulation, wiring, and structural elements.  Our expertise ensures a thorough and humane removal process while protecting your home from potential health hazards associated with these furry neighbors.

Pest Control In Southaven MS - Raccoons In My Attic

At Apex Wildlife Control, we’ve encountered many cases of raccoons nesting in attics, which can lead to expensive and unhealthy problems for homeowners. These agile and clever creatures find attics to be prime nesting spots due to their warmth and shelter. While it might seem harmless at first, raccoons can cause significant damage. They tear up insulation, defecate and urinate, leaving foul odors and health risks behind. Raccoons are also carriers of diseases like rabies and roundworm, which can be transmitted to humans. Our expertise allows us to safely and effectively remove raccoons, prevent future entry, and clean and disinfect affected areas, ensuring your attic remains free from these unwanted guests and their potential hazards.

Pest Exterminator In Southaven MS - Moles And Voles In My Yard

Moles and voles cause distinctly different types of issues. Moles are subterranean mammals known for their tunneling habits, wreaking havoc on lawns and gardens. These creatures are carnivores who feed on insects, grubs and worms, creating visible ridges, hills, and raised tunnels.

On the other hand, voles are rodents that create golf ball size holes and flat, sunken tunnels. They feed on plants, causing damage to lawns, trees, and shrubs.  

At Apex Wildlife Control, we GUARANTEE to rid your lawn of moles and voles in just one visit.  Call today for a FREE QUOTE on our mole and vole removal services!

We also perform wildlife trapping in Southaven MS for rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, moles, 

skunks, opossums, and much more. 

So if you have some little visitors you need evicted from your home or property, 

give Apex Wildlife Control a call today. 

We are happy to help!

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