Raccoon Fecal In Your Pool In Eads TN

Imagine how gross and unsettling it would be to walk outside for a nice relaxing day in your pool only to find raccoon fecal floating in the water. Not only is this extremely unsanitary but it can cause serious neurological issues from diseases that are carried by raccoons. It is more common to find animal droppings in pools than you realize, and there are a few things you can do to help prevent this from happening. If you have raccoon fecal in your pool in Eads TN, then this article is for you!

What You Can Do To Keep Raccoon Fecal Out Of Your Pool!

To deter raccoons from using your pool there are a few things you can do to prevent them from defecating in the water to cover the scent or from rinsing their hands or other objects in your pool. You can try blocking the areas adjacent to your pool steps or ladders. A portable pen with a gate can be placed around the area of the stairs or you can use pads with spikes and lay them around the area to make it uncomfortable for the raccoon to walk over the spiked pad to get to the stairs and access to the water. Motion-activated lights that flash when activated are what some people will install around their pool. Lights are considered to be frightening devices that scare the raccoons away. Garlic or ammonia have been known deter raccoons as well.

Why Do Raccoons Leave Fecal In Pools?

When raccoons are near a source of water it is common for them to defecate in the water. The water washes away the smell of the raccoon droppings so that predator animals are unable to pick up the scent ant this enables the raccoon to remain more discreet and hidden in the wild. It also enables raccoons to avoid other wildlife making it easier for them to find food.

How Can You Tell If It’s Raccoon Fecal In Your Pool?

Raccoon fecal is 2-3 inches long and tube-shaped. It looks different than dog feces because there will be pieces of undigested food in raccoon fecal. The shape and texture of fecal droppings is how you can identify if a raccoon is the culprit that is leaving fecal in your pool.

Raccoons usually try to next as close to a body of water as they possibly can. Are you aware that raccoons love to swim and relax in water? People think that raccoons just like to be clean, and that is why they wash their hand-like paws. However, there is a different reason behind this action.

Why Do Raccoons Always Wash Their Hands?

Raccoons process most of the information about what they are holding by feel rather than sight. Their paws are sensitive and the whiskers on them transmit information to the raccoon’s brain. They wash their paws in an effort to better feel what they are holding onto, and they wash what they are holding whether they plan to eat the item or not. Because everything they do is mostly by feel, and they cannot feel if they have gunk and dirt stuck on their paws, they need a water source close by.

Raccoon Diseases To Be Aware Of:

Health concerns are the main reason that this problem should be handled as quickly as possible. Yes, is it gross and disgusting, but there are a great deal of bacteria in fecal matter, especially raccoon droppings. Raccoons have roundworms in their large intestines, and worm eggs are passed in their fecal. The worm eggs are harmless to the raccoon but can cause an infection in humans as well as other animals called Baylisacaris. If you come into contact with raccoon fecal you will want to be on the lookout for symptoms that you may have contracted Baylisacaris.

Raccoon Disease Symptoms And What To Be Aware Of:

Symptoms usually appear between 1 to 4 weeks after you have touched or come into contact with raccoon fecal. Some of the signs of Baylisacaris include tiredness, lack of attention to people and surroundings, loss of coordination and muscle control, nausea, enlarged liver, blindness and coma. There are no known cleaning products that will effectively kill roundworm eggs. Heat is the best method to kill roundworm eggs instantly. It is important to properly clean and disinfect areas where wild animal dropping are found in or around your pool area.

How We Can Help With The Raccoon Fecal In Your Pool in Eads TN

Apex Wildlife Control can cleanup the most daunting messes that you can imagine whether the fecal droppings are in your attic or pool. We offer fecal cleaning and deodorizing services, and we are here to help you! Just give us a call, schedule an appointment, and we will be out to take care of the problem.

Fecal droppings in your pool may just be a symptom of a bigger problem. If you continually have this issue you need to determine the source of the problem. Apex offers outside trapping services for all animal wildlife. Using deterrents first is a great start, but it may not work. The wildlife involved may need to be trapped, removed from your property, and relocated.

Our Raccoon Trapping Service

We will send one of our wildlife technicians to your home to assess the situation and determine if you have any small does, cats or other domestic animals. Our company uses humane, live cage traps that cause no harm at all to animals. We use species specific bait in our traps in an effort to avoid catching your pets by accident. This is another reason we use the humane traps. It is easy for a pet to enter the cage, but they will need assistance to get out. In a situation such as this we will then re-bait and reset the trap or move the trap to a different location if necessary.

We will always attempt to trap raccoon families together so that they may be relocated and released together. Please take a head count to we can set the proper number of traps. To prohibit the raccoons from returning to your property we relocate them 25 miles away. The family may have to fight predators in the new area and to establish territory from other wildlife. It is much easier for the family unit to protect each other and locate new sources of food and water which will provide them the best chances to survive.

We love satisfied customers and strive to provide the best services possible. We want you to have a stress free experience and leave you with a sense of relief. Apex Wildlife Control are the wildlife professionals to call for all your wildlife needs. So if you have raccoon fecal in your pool in Eads TN, contact us today! There is no wildlife problem too big or messy for our wildlife technicians to handle!

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