Raccoon Feces In Your Attic In Collierville TN

Have you recently had a raccoon in your attic in Collierville, TN?   No one likes to deal with that, and the chances are there are raccoon feces in your attic.  A lot of it!  Let Apex Wildlife Control remove all your stress and concerns about this nasty situation and clean your attic for you.

Baylisacaris is a bacterial infection carried by raccoons and transmittable to humans and other animals. It is a disease that can cause several neurological conditions. It traces back to roundworms in the intestines of raccoons. The roundworms lay eggs that are passed in raccoon feces. If you happen to come into contact with raccoon fecal matter unknowingly and touch your face it is possible for you to contract this disease. Symptoms of Baylisacaris include tiredness, nausea, a loss of coordination and muscle control, lack of attention to people and surroundings, enlarged liver, blindness, and coma can occur.

It may seem to you that the raccoon is gone from your attic, but that is not always the case.  There are several reasons that wildlife will leave the security of an attic during the day. Excessive temperatures during summer months and the need to forage for food and hydrate are just a couple. It is important to ensure that the raccoon is no longer a resident in your attic. 

An Apex wildlife technician will come to your home to conduct an interior and exterior inspection of your home before we do any cleaning to ensure the animal is not longer present. The technician is looking for signs of any recent activity in your attic and other areas of your home such as chewed wiring or damage to the HVAC and duct-work.  They will take pictures of any damages they may find.  For the exterior inspection the technician will locate any possible and actual entry points that animals have that allow them access to the interior of your home. 

Once the inspection is complete the technician will sit down with you to discuss the photographs of damages he found and provide you with a detailed quote to trap any animals present and seal your home to prevent them from getting inside again.  The inspection plus the cleaning and disinfecting of your attic can all be performed on the same day.

There are a host of bacteria and diseases carried in raccoon feces that are not common in the fecal of other wildlife and, as previously stated, can be very harmful to humans and other animals such as cats and dogs. Thus, the clean up of raccoon feces and urine is messy in every sense of the word.  It is not an easy or simple task.

It is extremely important to wear the correct protective gear for the proper handling and removal of wild animal feces. During the process a lot of parties get stirred up.  These particles can be breathed in or get into your eyes so it is very important that the person performing the cleanup wears the proper protective gear: a body suit, a face mask with a respirator, protective goggles, and gloves. Without the proper gear it is possible to contract Baylisacaris.  Symptoms can appear between and and four weeks.  Not only is there a concern over airborne infections but raccoons also carry mites, fleas and ticks.  The fecal material must also be properly disposed of as well.  Apex will then use products that clean, disinfect and neutralize odors of feces and urine.  These are all things to be considered for the cleaning and disinfecting of your attic.

If a family of raccoons have lived in your attic then it is sometimes a necessary to perform an attic restoration because the fecal and urine build-up is simply too much. The insulation may be saturated with urine making the insulation. The smell can also build up and permeate your home. Urine stains can also start to appear on the walls and ceilings of your home.  Couple all of this with the moisture in the insulation and mold will eventually start to grow.  Breathing in mold particles can cause members of your family to become very sick.  Attic restoration is your best option at that point. 

We can recommend restoration companies to evaluate your home and advise what can be saved and what has been ruined. It is important to care for your home’s insulation.  If you are unable to inspect the insulation yourself then call a professional.  Make sure they will provide you with pictures of the damages they find.

Our goal is to have satisfied clients, so if you have any questions or concerns when it comes to our cleaning process, please let us know. We can discuss the chemicals we use, proper safety tips, etc. We strive to always provide the best experience to our customers. This means we will share as much knowledge about wildlife and proper procedures as we can.

Safety is a top priority with our company and having the right knowledge is part of being safe. We are always willing to educate homeowners on the many wildlife problems in Memphis.  If you have any questions, please contact our friendly office staff and we will be happy to be of assistance!

Sometimes raccoons need to be trapped and "evicted" before fecal cleaning and deodorization can begin.  Once the raccoon has been captured, the technician will relocate it to a reserve over twenty miles from your home so that this little guy will never leave a mess in your attic again!

As you can tell by the look on this fellow's face, raccoons are never happy to be trapped!  However, removal and relocation is often the only choice left when it comes to keeping a clean and healthy home. 

Before releasing a trapped raccoon into its new home, our technician will check the animal for dehydration and injuries.  We want to make sure the raccoon is healthy, otherwise it may be vulnerable to predators.  When we come across baby raccoons, a local rehabilitator who is licensed by the State of Tennessee will be contacted.   Naturally, our office staff is always delighted to feed and care for wildlife babies until the rehabilitator arrives!

So if raccoons are pooping in your attic, don't wait!  Call Apex today!

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