Raccoon Feces In Your Attic In Cordova TN

Is it possible to have raccoon feces in your attic in Cordova TN?

Well, did you recently have raccoons in your attic? If so, then yes…chances are you have raccoon feces in your attic, and a lot of it! No one wants to deal with that mess. Let us take the stress away and handle it for you.

Raccoon Diseases And Precautions

Raccoons are known to have a disease called Baylisascaris. This disease can cause a number of neurological conditions. It comes from a roundworm that lives in a raccoon’s intestines. The roundworm lays eggs in raccoon feces.

If you unknowingly come into contact with any raccoon fecal matter and touch your face, you may contact this disease. There are a number of symptoms including nausea, tiredness, and loss of coordination to be concerned with. Lack of attention to people and surroundings, loss of muscle control, liver enlargement, blindness, and coma can also occur.

Inspection For Raccoon Feces In Your Attic

Apex Wildlife Control will come to your home and clean and disinfect within the same day. However, we need to ensure the animal is no longer there before we do any cleaning. We will come out and do an interior and exterior inspection first. The technician will look for signs of any recent activity in your attic.

Our technicians will check for chewed wiring and visible damage to the HVAC and duct-work. They also take pictures of those areas and report back to you. Next they will do the exterior inspection. They will locate all possible and actual entry points. Once completed, they will send you all of the pictures and submit a detailed quote. The quote will include sealing your home and trapping the animals.

Sometimes it seems like the animal is gone, but this is not always the case. Wildlife will sometimes leave during the day due to excessive temperatures for food or to search for water. We check to be sure they are not currently still remaining in your attic.

How We Remove Raccoon Feces In Your Attic In Cordova TN

Cleaning up raccoon feces and urine is not an easy or simple task. Raccoon feces contains a lot of bacteria and diseases that are not common in other wildlife. The diseases in their feces can be very harmful to humans and other household animals like cats and dogs.

It is extremely important to handle wild animal feces properly using the correct protective gear. The person cleaning up the animal droppings and urine must have protective goggles, gloves, a face mask with respirator, and a full bodysuit.

Raccoon feces needs proper disposal, cleaning and disinfecting. Our company utilizes products that neutralize odors from raccoon feces and urine.
When cleaning up fecal matter, airborne particles can unknowingly be distributed. These particles can get into your eyes or nostrils. If this occurs exposure symptoms may show up anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks. In addition to airborne infections, you also need to be aware of a several other items. Raccoons also carry mites, fleas, ticks, and other parasites. These are all things that must be considered when cleaning and disinfecting your attic.

Attic Restoration After Feces Cleanup

Attic restoration may be a necessary step if fecal or urine build-up is too much. When a family of raccoons has lived in your attic the insulation will become unusable. Attic restoration is your best option at that point and we have companies we can recommend. These restoration companies will come into your home and evaluate what can be salvaged and what is ruined.

If you leave insulation that has been saturated with urine, the odor will build up and drift into your home. If there is enough urine it will start to show on the walls and ceilings of your home. The urine moisture in the insulation will eventually start to grow mold. Breathing mold particles can make members of your family very sick.

It is important to maintain the insulation in your home. If you are unable to check the insulation yourself, contact a professional. Just make sure they provide you with pictures of any damage.

Safety Is Our Top Priority!

We strive to have satisfied clients, so if you have any questions or concerns when it comes to our cleaning process let us know. Our technicians will discuss the chemicals we use, proper safety tips, etc. We strive to always give the best experience to our customers. This means we share as much knowledge about wildlife and proper procedures as we can.

We place safety as a top priority with our company and having the correct knowledge is part of being safe. So if you have raccoon feces in your attic in Cordova TN, contact us today! We will help you keep your hands clean while you sit back and relax.

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