Raccoon Removal In Memphis Tennessee

Do You Need Raccoon Removal In Memphis TN

Are you looking for raccoon removal in Memphis, TN? Are you experiencing problems with raccoons getting in your attic? Have you tried to get rid of the raccoons to no avail? Do you need a raccoon removal service?

Apex Wildlife Control is the Memphis area premier professional raccoon removal company. We specialize in raccoon removals, trappings, and many other aspects of wildlife removal including Squirrel Removal and Rat Removal.

Get Rid of Raccoons in Your Attic Now!

Raccoons are an important part of nature, but they do not belong in your the attic. They are a nuisance and should be dealt with as soon as possible before they damage your property.

  • Raccoons make a lot of noise when they chirp and call. Juvenile raccoons are especially loud.
  • If not dealt with, raccoons will damage your insulation with feces and urine. This will reduce the value of the installed installation.

Our technicians are experts in raccoon removal and will solve your problem. We use a variety of methods to get rid of raccoons.

Trapping Services And Raccoon Removal In Memphis TN

We provide raccoon trapping services as well as repair work. Our goal is to remove the animal and fix the hole(s).  Raccoons are very agile and can easily fit into a hole about the size of a grapefruit. In most cases, there is already something broken or missing from the roof and that’s when raccoons exploit the opening to make it bigger. Raccoons feel much safer in an attic than outside in the wild, which is why they’ll sometimes even give birth to their young in attics.

Our trapping services will remove any adult or juvenile raccoons from your attic and we will repair the entry point. This will prevent the raccoons from entering your attic again and help maintain the health of your roof. We often are asked about many different types of raccoon issues. Below is a list of some of the more common problems associated with raccoon removal and how to deal with them.

Raccoons with Young

If the raccoons have young, you will hear some very strange sounds coming out of the attic. If a raccoon and her young are in the attic, we often times use a paste or a fluid to evict them instead of using traps. Immediate raccoon removal through the use of eviction fluid is not guaranteed, but in any case, the female will have a reaction to the fluid. If the female moves moves the young to another area of the structure we can re-apply the eviction fluid and successfully remove the raccoons.

Wildlife control is not an exact science in methods but our technicians will perform an inspection and provide a complete solution to eliminate your raccoon problem. Our technicians will also provide you with a thorough assessment and an outline of the actions they will take to resolve the issue. If they encounter any issues along the way, they will adapt and utilize alternate methods until the problem is resolved.

How much does raccoon removal cost?

The cost of raccoon removal varies based on the number of raccoons and the size of the problem. We recommend that you contact us to schedule an appointment so one of our specialists can assess the situation.

Factors for Raccoon Removal Cost

  • How many levels is the home? one level, two levels, or more?
    • Homes with additional levels may require our technicians to deploy tall ladder setups. Jobs that require this affect the cost of the raccoon removal.
  • How long have the raccoons been living in the attic
    • As the infestation goes on more and more damage will occur. Raccoon feces and urine damage insulation and reduce its R value.
  • Are there juveniles (baby raccoons)?
    • The easiest way to identify a juvenile or baby raccoon are by the loud noises they make.
  • How extensive is the damage to the roof?
    • Raccoons usually create at least a single grapefruit sized hole when they enter an attic. Our technicians will repair any damage that occurred to the roof but these costs will vary based on the entry point.
  • Is the damage covered by insurance?
    • If your raccoon damage is covered by insurance, most insurance companies will not allow a partial cleanup and require that all of the attic insulation is removed and replaced.
    • When working with insurance companies additional documentation is required which will increase the amount of time the removal takes.
  • Is there any damage to the A/C ducting?
    • This may be hard to detect but due to their large size, raccoons can easily crush flexible ducting and may even breach it by clawing.

As you can see, there are a number of factors that can impact the cost of raccoon removal in Memphis TN. Contact one of our technicians and so we can identify how the raccoons got into your attic, clean up the mess they left behind, and take steps to prevent them from reentering.

Attic Clean-up Services

Cleaning up after raccoons can be a difficult task. Not only do raccoons not damage insulation they will also use your attic as a restroom. If you find feces in your attic, you should always have it professionally cleaned. Raccoon feces can contain raccoon roundworm eggs and many other zoonotic diseases. Do not attempt to clean up raccoon feces without the proper safety gear.

Repair Services

Raccoons almost always damage the roof line and will create an opening in your sealed roof. The hole they create is usually bigger than or equal to a grapefruit, and will need to be repaired to prevent additional damage. Out technicians will repair the hole with materials that match the existing structure as close as possible. Our repairs will high quality, will last, and we also provide a double money back guarantee. Give us a call so we can get rid of the raccoons in your attic and secure your home.

Facts About Raccoons

Although Raccoons may look friendly and cute, they are actually a very dangerous animal to get close to. Did you know the following information about Raccoons?

  • Raccoons are the primary vector species that transmit rabies in the Southeastern United States.
  • Raccoons are carriers of parasites such as Roundworm and fleas.
  • Raccoon litters that consist of anywhere from three to six young.
  • Female Raccoons can be extremely vicious if humans come in contact with them or get too close to their young.

Many homeowners simply do not understand the dangers that are involved with being in close proximity to Raccoons. This becomes a bigger problem when raccoons get into your trash can or breach your home.

We help homeowners on a daily basis with getting rid of raccoons that are in their attics. These raccoons are able to gain access through the soffit to roof areas, gable vents, chimney vents, or they may even tear a hole in your roof that can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

It’s not uncommon for us to receive calls from homeowners who have tried to handle this problem on their own. They often try using raccoon repellents, raccoon deterrents, poisoning the raccoon, or trapping the raccoon themselves. This often ends up in failed attempts or worse, killing the raccoon. In the unfortunate event that a poisoned raccoon dies in your the home, it can cost several thousand dollars to locate and remove the raccoon, deodorize the area, and repair the damages it has caused.

Raccoon Removal Process

At Apex Wildlife Control we have a six step process we use to ensure that each client has an amazing experience with our service. This process involves:

  • Performing an onsite evaluation of the residential or commercial property involved.
  • Determining the species of animal.
  • Locating all entry points.
  • Assessing any damages that the animal may have caused.
  • Sealing the property.
  • Providing a standard one year warranty on all work performed.

During our consultation, we will report back to the homeowner or business owner with our findings. During this consultation, we will discuss what it will take to completely seal the property to assure no future occurrence, and begin the trapping and exclusion process.

If you have raccoon problems in your attic and are in need of a raccoon removal expert, give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did!

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