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Are you looking for humane raccoom trapping in Germantown, TN?  Have these little rascals invaded your attic, your crawl space, even your swimming pool?  Raccoons are a common problem for frustrated homeowners in Germantown, and they can be a very annoying and dirty little pest!

Apex Wildlife Control is well known in the Germantown area for being the premier raccoon removal company. We specialize in raccoon removal, trapping, and many other areas of wildlife removal including but not limited to  Squirrel Removal and Rat Removal.  Not only do we trap these animals, but we can also seal up your home to prevent further damage from wildlife!

Raccoons are an important part of the ecological system, but they do not belong in your attic. They are a nuisance at best and should be removed before they damage your property.  In a very short amount of time, raccoons will damage your insulation with feces and urine. This can lead to expensive repairs and even an attic restoration.

Raccoons will dig through your garbage looking for food, and make a terrible mess!  They will  not only tip over your garbage cans, but they will also spread trash around your yard, your neighbor's yard, and even down your street.  Raccoons will eat just about anything which makes them an Omnivore.  Because they like to dig through your trash, they have a rather cute nickname of "Trash Panda".  But cuteness aside, these messy little creatures belong out in the wilderness instead of your neighborhood.
We provide raccoon trapping services as well as repair work. Our goal is to remove the raccoon and fix all of the areas the raccoon could use to get back into your home. Raccoons are very wiggly and can easily squeeze through a hole about the size of a grapefruit.  Raccoons feel much safer in an attic than outside in the wild, which is why they’ll sometimes even give birth to their young in attics. This can lead to further damage to your insulation.

Raccoons are mostly nocturnal, so if you see damage that has happened overnight, that is an indication it could be a raccoon. Raccoons like to dig in the dirt to look for grubs and other larvae. They will probably return to the same yard over and over if they know it offers a good food source. Raccoons will even roll up sod with their little hand-like paws to look for food.  Skunks and opossums can dig in these areas as well, but raccoons are usually the likely culprit.

There are some things you can do to make your home less raccoon-friendly.  Wild animals will only stay in areas where there is easy access to food.  You will want to make sure your trash cans and dumpsters are tightly secured.  If you or your neighbors are feed cats or dogs outside, be sure to remove any leftover food when they finish.  Raccoons will eat just about anything, but their favorite treat is yummy leftover cat food!

If a raccoon has babies, you will hear sounds almost like a human baby crying. If a raccoon and her babies are in the attic, sometimes our technician may use eviction fluid instead of traps. This eviction fluid will cause a biological reaction in the female and she will feel that her babies are in danger.  This may cause the female to move the young to another area of the structure.  If this is the case, the technician can re-apply the eviction fluid and successfully move the raccoons out of your attic.

Our technician can also perform a full interior and exterior inspection of your home. After the inspection, the technician will provide you with an estimate to not only trap any raccoons, but to also seal up any areas that raccoons can use to enter your home. 

Most raccoons have been around humans enough to not be afraid of us. It’s very tempting to leave food outside for these little rascals to nibble on, especially if you’ve seen some in your backyard before.  But remember that these are still wild animals that may attack you or your pets over food. 

Raccoons carry many diseases including rabies and distemper.  As a result, you should never allow them around your pets.  And the more often these raccoons are fed by humans, the more confident they will feel on your property.  This can lead to aggressiveness and some dangerous consequences.

Also keep in mind that one little raccoon in your yard can turn into a dozen within a couple of years.  Raccoons are good mothers, and her little babies will quickly learn where to look for yummy food in your garbage cans.

If you are tired of dealing with companies that won’t stand behind their work, then call us! At Apex Wildlife Control, we are so confident that you will love our services, that we give every single client we service a Worry Free Money Back Guarantee. Our exclusion guarantee is very simple. It states:

If for any reason you are not 100% pleased with the quality and workmanship of our exclusion work, we will redo the individual item in question and work to make it right until you are completely satisfied with the outcome. If you’re still not satisfied, we will issue you a 100% refund for the item in question. That’s not all though, we will pay a competitor of your choice to fix the issue. Nothing is more important to us than our customer’s complete satisfaction.

So if you are having problems with a "Trash Panda", give Apex Wildlife Control a call today! We specialize in the humane removal of problem raccoons!

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