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Raccoon Removal In Memphis TN

Raccoon Trapping In Memphis TN - Raccoon Removal

Are you looking for raccoon trapping in Memphis, TN? Are you experiencing problems with raccoons getting in your attic, your crawl space, even your pool?  These little guys are a common problem for frustrated homeowners in the Memphis area, and they can be a very expensive pest!

Raccoons are an important part of nature, but they do not belong in your attic. They are a nuisance and should be dealt with as soon as possible before they damage your property.  If not dealt with, raccoons will eventually make their way into your attic to have their babies.  A raccoon family can quickly damage your insulation with feces and urine. This can lead to expensive repairs and even an attic restoration.

Raccoon Trapping In Memphis TN - Raccoon Babies

If a raccoon has babies, you will hear some very strange sounds coming from your attic, almost like a human baby crying.  Our goal is to make the mother raccoon voluntarily move her little family out of your home, but raccoons can be a very stubborn.  Often we will trap the mother raccoon, then relocate her along with her babies to a local wildlife area where she can raise them in an environment much better suited to her needs. 

Our technicians are skilled at setting traps for these protective mothers.  However, sometimes a first-time raccoon mother will abandon her babies.  In that case, we will bring the baby raccoons to one of our many local wildlife rehabilitators.

Raccoon Removal In Memphis TN - Raccoon Damage

To a raccoon, your home is simply a larger, more complex tree with unusual smells.  Like all wildlife, raccoons are very food motivated, and always follow their food sources such as rats, lizards, and grubs.  These little bandits will eat anything, and they especially love your garbage!

Raccoons can do a tremendous amount of damage to your home, but is important to remember that they are just wild animals who are looking for food and shelter.  Our technicians not only remove raccoons from your property, but we also seal up the entry points they have made.  Apex Wildlife Control is a one-stop shop for raccoon removal in the Memphis TN area!

Raccoon Trapping In Memphis TN - Raccoons In Your Garbage

Raccoons are Omnivores, which means they eat both plants and animals.  All wildlife will take advantage of an easy meal, and your garbage is a wonderful smorgasbord of delicious smells.  Unfortunately, table manners are not a raccoon’s strong point!  Many a homeowner has come outside in the morning to find his trash cans empty and garbage strewn everywhere, courtesy of a raccoon with the late night munchies.  What a mess they can make!

Until this little troublemaker has been removed, your best bet is to secure your trash cans with strong bungee cords or clamps.  Sometimes setting your trash out only on the morning of trash collection day will help as well.

We also perform wildlife trapping in Memphis TN for rats, mice, moles, skunks, opossums, armadillos and much more. 

So if you have some little visitors you need evicted from your home or property, give Apex Wildlife Control a call today. 

We are happy to help!

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