Raccoons Digging Up Your Yard In Memphis TN?

Are those pesky little raccoons digging up your yard in Memphis, TN? The first thing people see when they pull onto your driveway is your yard. Homeowners spend many hours and much of their hard-earned money to have a nice yard with beautiful flowers. Coming home to find your yard destroyed by a wild animal will ruin anyone’s day.

We understand how aggravating this might be! Apex is devoted to helping our customers stop this kind of damage by trapping the culprits! The key to trapping the right animal is to look around your yard and home for signs of wildlife.  Often an armadillo or skunk can create the same damage as a raccoon, and sometimes it takes a wildlife expert to tell the difference.

Our highly skilled technicians are trained to look for tell-tale signs of raccoons on your property.  We offer safe and humane raccoon trapping and relocation for the Memphis area. So if raccoons are digging up your yard in Memphis TN, you have come to the right place!  We're here to help!

One way to tell if you have raccoons in your neighborhood is to look at the damage to your yard.  If your sod looks neatly rolled back by cunning little hands, then you may very well be dealing with a hungry raccoon.

Along with other wildlife, raccoons tend to stay in an area that provides a plentiful food source.  Raccoons are omnivores, which means they will eat meat and plants.  These cute little bandits will eat frogs, mice, rats, snakes, grubs, worms, insects, eggs, flowers and vegetables.

You can take certain measures by removing the reasons raccoons are drawn to your yard. Wild animals stay only in areas where something is attractive to them. To keep this from happening you need to take a good look around your home and yard.

What do you see that could possibly bring wildlife to your door? Are the trash cans tightly secured? Are your neighbors feeding wildlife that would bring the raccoons into your neighborhood?  Its also very possible that you may have a grub problem that is attracting raccoons to your yard.

Raccoons can be a little lazy sometimes.  These little rascals won’t waste a lot of effort for no reward, so its possible to discourage them from digging up your yard in search of grubs. If you have a smaller yard, you can make it harder for them to dig by putting chain link fencing or netting over the top of the area that has the most activity.

You may also want to try grub killers, but remember that most of these products will only kill young grub larvae in late summer or early fall.  You should only apply grub killers right when the new eggs have hatched into larvae.

Grub killer consists of Nematodes, which are microscopic roundworms that move through the soil looking for a suitable host to enter. Once they penetrate and enter the host (in our case, a grub!), they will release a special bacteria that will kill the grub.  Kind of gross, but definitely a lesser evil when it comes to lawn care!

Unfortunately, raccoons just don't care how much time and money you have put into your beautiful yard.  A perfectly landscaped garden filled with tasty grubs can be a smorgasbord for a hungry raccoon.  Young raccoons will always to go the easiest source of food first, and tender plants or freshly set flowers are the favorite targets of juvenile raccoons.

Some people will try to deter raccoons by placing pavers or bricks in and around their flowers.  Raccoons are extremely strong and very intelligent, and a simple fix like that won't slow them down one bit.  Reducing the amount of grubs in your flower beds or placing chicken wire in and around your plants may help reduce raccoon damage.  However, it won't be an overnight fix as raccoons have already learned where the grubs are and won't give up their food sources easily.   Sometimes trapping is the only real solution.

At Apex Wildlife Control, we feel your pain when it comes to raccoon damage!  As much as we love wildlife, sometimes these little creatures need to be relocated to an area away from homes and businesses. 

Raccoons, along with skunks, armadillos and opossums can do an amazing amount of damage to your property in a very short amount of time.  Not to mention the ticks, fleas and diseases these animals carry.  In the Memphis area, many raccoons carry rabies and distemper which can be easily transmitted to your pets.  If you see a raccoon during the day and it seems to be acting funny, keep your distance and call Apex Wildlife Control immediately. Raccoons may be cute, but they just don't belong around your home.

And that's where we come in.

At Apex Wildlife Control, our skilled technicians are trained to set humane traps to catch raccoons without harm.  Once the raccoon has been captured, the technician will relocate it to a reserve over twenty miles from your home so that this furry little fellow will never find its way back to your property.

Although raccoons are never happy to be trapped, removal and relocation is often the only choice left for a homeowner.  Before releasing a trapped raccoon into its new home, the technician will check the animal for dehydration and any injuries that could cause the raccoon to be vulnerable to predators.  In the case of baby raccoons, we will contact a local rehabilitator who will raise the babies in a manner so they may one day be released into the wild.  And of course, our office staff is delighted to feed and care for the babies until the rehabilitator arrives!

So if you have a raccoon causing problems in your yard, give us a call today!  We will be happy to take that rascal off your hands!

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