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Raccoon Removal Services In Memphis TN - What Do They Sound Like?

If you suspect raccoons are nesting in your ceiling in Memphis, you may notice specific sounds and timing. Raccoons are most active during the night. So, you’re likely to hear them making noise after sunset and into the early hours of the morning.

The sounds can vary but often include scratching, scurrying, and thumping. They may be moving around as they search for food, reposition within their nest, or communicate with each other. Also, if raccoon babies are present, you might hear high-pitched chirping or crying sounds as they call for their mother’s attention.

These noises can be disruptive and concerning, so if you suspect raccoons are nesting in your ceiling, give us a call.  We can assess the situation and take the necessary steps to safely and effectively remove the raccoons from your home.

How To Get Rid Of Raccoons In Memphis TN - How Did It Get In My Ceiling?

Raccoons use their sharp teeth and impressive strength to access your ceiling in various ways, posing a significant threat to your Memphis home. Soffits are a common target. These clever creatures can pry them open or chew through the wood, creating openings to gain entry. Also, gable vents and roof vents are vulnerable points of entry. Raccoons can remove screens or damage the vents to create an opening large enough for them to squeeze inside.

Even more surprising is their ability to tear through shingles. Raccoons possess strong claws, causing damage to your roofing materials. Their fierce determination to find shelter and food often leads to destructive efforts. To safeguard your home, it’s crucial to promptly address any potential entry points and secure them against raccoon intrusion. These critters can be relentless and cause significant damage if not dealt with swiftly.

Expert Raccoon Removal In Memphis TN - Damage To Your Home & Health!

Raccoon feces in your ceiling and attic in Memphis is not only harmful to your home, but also poses serious health risks to you and your family. The presence of raccoon waste can result in significant damage to your attic insulation. Raccoon droppings contain bacteria and parasites that deteriorate insulation material, rendering it less effective in regulating temperature and energy efficiency in your home.

The danger extends far beyond property damage. When raccoon feces dries out, it releases harmful airborne particles that carry pathogens. Inhaling or coming into contact with these particles can lead to severe respiratory issues and other health problems. One of the most concerning risks is raccoon roundworm infection, which can have devastating health consequences. To ensure the safety and well-being of your family, it’s essential to address raccoon infestations promptly. 

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Raccoon In Attic Removal In Memphis TN - Help Is On The Way!

It may seem sometimes like Memphis has raccoons everywhere you look, but that still doesn’t mean they belong in your ceiling!

If you have had enough of these cute but destructive little bandits invading your home and causing expensive damage, then call Apex Wildlife Control today!  Our friendly office staff will help you book an appointment with one of our wildlife technicians.  We will inspect  your home and give you a detailed report along with photos of where the raccoons are getting in, along with our recommendations for sealing up any entry points, plus humanely trapping and relocating those little troublemakers back to the woods where they can live out their best raccoon lives.

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