Are Raccoons In Your Chimney In Bartlett TN?

Are raccoons in your chimney in Bartlett, TN? Did you know that raccoons are the most commonly found wildlife in chimneys? A chimney is similar to a hollow tree which is the favorite spot of mother raccoons for a nursery. Your chimney may house a single bachelor raccoon or there might be little family of raccoons. Raccoons are experienced climbers. They can reach into crevices to climb up onto the roof and gain access to a nice warm, safe chimney.

When Do Raccoons Have Babies?

The typical raccoon breeding season begins in December. Females give birth to between 3 and 5 kits or cubs in the springtime around April and May. Once Spring hits you may begin to hear sounds of baby raccoons crying that are coming from your chimney.

DON’T Do This If You Have Baby Raccoons In Your Chimney In Bartlett TN!

During the day a mother raccoon will leave her babies to forage for food and water while the babies sleep. You may do not hear crying or be aware that baby raccoons are in the chimney. NEVER seal or cap a chimney before you know for certain that the baby raccoons have been be removed! If the mother is unable to get to her babies, she may do a lot of damage to your home. If she is unable to reach them then you will hear the babies cry until they eventually die.

Never, EVER Use Fire!

People might consider turning on their fireplace to flush out the raccoons. This is extremely inhumane! The mother would do everything she could to save them, but she and the babies would burn to death. Keep the fireplace damper closed tight and contact a professional wildlife technician. Do not open the damper because you never know if the raccoons are nesting on top of it. The last thing you want to do is dump a family of terrified raccoons directly into your living room!

How We Can Help

Apex Wildlife Control are the professionals to call. Our wildlife technician will perform an interior and exterior inspection of your home. Is there a way the raccoons might have access to the attic, too? What time of day are you hearing the most activity? Some species of wildlife are more active at certain times of the day. For more information about raccoons, check out Raccoon Removal In Bartlett TN.

The technician will listen to the chimney in an effort locate the position of the raccoons in the chimney. He will then look for signs of raccoons such as fecal droppings, chewed wires, and HVAC damage. The technician will inspect the chimney for any possible entry points. You may only need a chimney cap over the top of your chimney. Once our technician has completed the inspection for entry points to your home, he will review the photographs with you. He will also provide you with a quote for repairs and removal of the raccoons.

How We Trap Raccoons

The method we utilize to remove raccoons from a chimney will differ if baby raccoons are present. If babies are present, we use an eviction fluid that prompts a biological reaction in the mother. Her reaction to the smell can take a couple of days to take effect. When it does, the mother raccoon will move her babies to another location with no additional prompting from us. This method is the safest and offers the best way for the babies to survive. The mother raccoon may become stressed and attack her young if we were to try to simply trap the family. There is a chance that she could even reject her babies if they are placed in separate cages.

We will place an excluder trap over the main entry point to the chimney if there are no babies involved. Afterwards we seal the main entry point and any other areas where the raccoons could get in or out. The raccoons must go into the trap to go outside. We then relocate them 25 miles away so they cannot find their way back to your property. When we know that all the animals have been removed we seal the last entry point. When the sealing process (known as an exclusion) is complete you should have a quiet raccoon-free home once again.

Raccoon Removal Warranty

We offer a one-year warranty on all of our exclusion work. This covers all the sealing work we initially performed that animals may attempt to tear out or damage. If the wildlife enters an area we have sealed, then we will repair the exclusion at no cost to you. This warranty does not cover new holes, only holes that we have previously sealed.

Apex Wildlife Control services all of Bartlett, TN. So if you have raccoons in your chimney in Bartlett, TN, give us a call at 901-598-8555. We will be happy to help!

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